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Saturday is what day? Bringing the most talked about topics in recent days. In the last week, the featured discussions in the TB community were about: solution for Uber, need for the ninth digit, routers and more. As for the subjects in the technoblog, people commented a lot about the fans asking for the translation for Zelda and the 18% tax on purchases from abroad. 😮 Come see the details of these and other discussions that took place between January 08th and 14th.

TB Comunidade 102 (Image: Tecnoblog)

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. Uber (business model) is much criticized, but what is the solution?
  2. 1 Gb of speed for R$ 119
  3. Is the ninth digit really useful?
  4. Is it worth exchanging Claro Net TV for Sky?
  5. Mesh router connection and recommendation

The discussion that most moved the TB community last week was raised by Andre Costa who questioned what would be the solution for Uber’s business model. And, look, opinions were not lacking. 🗣️

Some talked about the need to invest in quality public transport and that cities need to be made for people. Silvio Guedes Santana commented that the solution would be for the application to let the driver enter the amount he wants to receive per km. Paulo Rogério commented that the app needs to better select drivers. So, what’s your opinion on that? 🤔

Another discussion that resulted was a question from Lucas Pinheiro: ninth digit really useful? There were people saying that they believe that telephone numbers would be better if they were hexadecimal and there was also an explanatory comment from Everton Favretto, from here at TB. 💙

gif lady gaga on the phone
Is the ninth digit really useful? (Image: Playback / Giphy)

One more topic that yielded was made by Igor, who asked for help from the guys on recommending routers Mesh. Some people have already commented their opinion. How about going there Community give your friend Igor a hand? 🥰

The 5 best discussions about Tecnoblog agendas

  1. It’s Nintendo’s turn: fans ask for translation for Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2
  2. Purchases from abroad via Shopee, AliExpress and others will be taxed at 18% in DF
  3. Telegram is “out of reach of justice”, says electoral prosecutor
  4. Exclusive: PayPal’s response on a R$ 50 coupon does not please and Procon-SP considers a fine
  5. AMD says Radeon RX 6500 XT is purposely bad at mining cryptocurrencies

One of the news that generated the most engagement in the last week was from Felipe Vinha about fans asking for translation for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 do Nintendo Switch. The campaign started last Monday, January 10th, with Brazilian players raising the hashtag #BotW2PTBR.

zelda game image
Fans ask for a translation of the new Zelda on Nintendo Switch. (Image: Reproduction)

Another news that yielded was brought by Pedro Knoth. In December, the government approved an amendment to the section of the legislation dealing with the collection of ICMS on international purchases transported by plane. So, purchases from abroad via Shopee, AliExpress or other marketplaces will be taxed at 18% in the Federal District (DF). 😲

And we can’t forget about the exclusive news from Ana Marques, which also yielded a lot in the Community: PayPal’s response on the R$ 50 coupon does not please and Procon-SP is considering a fine. Well, the saga of the R$ 50 coupon has not yet had an outcome and, according to Procon-SP, the response sent by PayPal was not satisfactory and the conduct could result in a fine of up to R$ 11 million. 💸

scared dog gif
PayPal can pay a fine of up to R$11 million. (Image: Rover.com/Giphy)

Well, that’s it for today! For more discussions like these, be sure to follow the technoblog and participate in Community. ✌️

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