Twitter: Users react to Elon Musk’s purchase proposal

Elon Musk announced last Thursday (14) its intention to buy 100% of twitter shares and make it a private company. The millionaire is one of the most controversial users of the platform and his tweets have led him to situations involving everything from his companies, such as causing stock drops and losing the position of director, to defamation trials.

Its history with the platform is long and has many criticisms about how Twitter deals with “freedom of expression”, despite the fact that it has had contradictory behaviors – blocking users who criticize it, for example.

Naturally, Twitter users are always the first to leave their opinions and this time is no different. The platform has spent the last few days filled with reactions about the possible acquisition of the millionaire. Check out some of the comments below:

1. “Next time you think you’re overreacting, remember that Elon Musk is actually willing to pay $43 billion just to keep people from laughing at him on Twitter.”

2. “Maybe if we tell Elon Musk that buying Twitter will end homelessness, he won’t.”

3. “When I criticized Musk for labor violations at Tesla, he blocked me. When a college student opened a Twitter account to track Musk’s private plane, Musk tried to buy it, before blocking it. Does that sound like a ‘free speech absolutist’ to you?”

4. “This game that Elon Musk is playing with Twitter is dangerous. Twitter is not just another social media platform, and Elon clearly recognizes that.”

5. Twitter is too important to be owned and controlled by one person. The opposite should be happening. Twitter should be decentralized as a protocol that feeds an ecosystem of communication products and services.”

6. “Elon Musk forcing people to admit that Twitter isn’t as bad as it could be. ??”

7. “Elon Musk making a move to Twitter from his small cash drawer is yet another example of why the bundling of so much wealth in the hands of the few is a social disease.”

8. “When Elon Musk buys Twitter, this image will be banned”

Twitter response on the proposal

On Friday (15), Twitter announced that it will unanimously take a stance on a “poison pill”, where current shareholders will be able to buy additional shares to avoid a forced takeover. This movement decreases the millionaire’s participation in the company, making it difficult for him to obtain the majority of votes in relation to the acquisition of the company.

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