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Twitter reactivated the account of Luciano Hang, businessman and owner of the Havan chain of stores. Hang, one of the main supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro, had his account recovered by the social network on Saturday (15), three days after his suspension from the platform. The owner of Havan deleted from his profile on the platform a post in which he preached that childhood immunization was dangerous, and that children have a “natural immunity” against COVID-19.

Luciano Hang had his account reactivated by Twitter; anti-vaccination content disappeared from your profile (Image: Leopoldo Silva/ Agência Senado)

Luciano Hang celebrates his return to Twitter

“I’m back on Twitter”, celebrated Luciano Hung when his account was reactivated on Saturday. The Bolsonaro businessman was suspended from the platform for violating the rules provided for in the terms of use (TOS) of the social network.

Previously, the account had been withheld by Twitter to comply with a June 2020 court decision, dispatched by the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes. That year, the minister ordered the suspension of Luciano Hang from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The owner of Havan is investigated in the fake news inquiry.

However, after being suspended on the three platforms, the owner of Havan created secondary accounts to circumvent Moraes’ decision and remain active on the networks. Twitter was the only platform that banned the entrepreneur for the second time.

However, the Twitter adviser told the Estadão that it is possible for users banned from the platform to ask for a review of the processes that led to their suspension. “It is foreseen in the rules the possibility that, after the appeal process, the right to operate previously suspended accounts on the platform is conquered”, commented the platform of posts with 280 characters.

Video about childhood vaccination caused suspension

In a note, Luciano Hang’s advice confirmed that the publication of a video that criticized childhood vaccination was the cause of the suspension on Twitter.

In the content, a doctor claims that the Pfizer vaccine contains a toxic protein that can lead children to “develop cancer and heart problems”. According to him, children have a natural protection of 90% against COVID-19.

Pfizer’s immunizer has no proteins that cause cancer in children. In fact, the vaccine works from the technology of mRNA (messenger RNA), a strand with information that enters the ribosome of cells and triggers the production of the S protein, responsible for fighting the COVID-19 virus. The vaccine, therefore, does not alter the DNA, which would cause cancer.

The Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIM) cites that, while there may be a risk of myocarditis or pericarditis (inflammation of the muscle or structure of the heart) caused by mRNA vaccines, this type of occurrence is rare among vaccinated patients. Cardiac inflammation is more present in those who contracted COVID-19, according to (SBIM).

The video with attacks on childhood vaccination was deleted from Luciano Hang’s account, after it was reactivated on Twitter. There are no recent posts with the terms “COVID-19”, “vaccine”, “vaccination” or “child vaccination” – it is likely that they have been deleted to release the profile. Luciano Hang wrote in a note:

“We are living in strange times in society, where you cannot have freedom of thought and expression. An absurdity!”

In a related case, Pastor Silas Malafaia, from the Vitória em Cristo Assembly of God, was forced by Twitter to delete 11 posts with false information about vaccination for children, in addition to being prevented from publishing new posts for 24 hours. YouTube also took action against the religious leader, and removed a video in which Malafaia calls childhood vaccinations “infanticide”.

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