Twitter é alvo de processo por post de Eduardo Bolsonaro que ofende mulheres – Legislação – Tecnoblog

A law firm has filed a lawsuit against Twitter. The objective is for the social network to remove from the air the video in which federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (União-SP) associates the accident of line 6 – Orange, of the São Paulo subway, to the hiring of women professionals. The judicial measure alleges that the content hurts the reputation of those involved, who also had personal data, such as image and full name, exposed by the parliamentarian without authorization.

Eduardo Bolsonaro (Image: Leonardo Marques – ASCOM/MCTI)

The accident in question happened on February 1st, when a crater opened over the works on line 6 – Orange. The initial petition was filed by Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Sociedade de Advogados.

According to the lawyers, the video, due to the repercussion it had when it was shared by the president’s son, is part of a campaign that violates the right to honor, image, intimacy and privacy of professionals. The content also exposes women’s personal data, such as nominal identification, image and voice, without authorization – according to the LGPD, this is information that can be used for recognition of an individual.

O Twitter alegou, no mês passado, que o vídeo divulgado por Eduardo Bolsonaro não se tratava de discurso de ódio e sim um conteúdo “opinativo”. The platform understands, therefore, that the material does not violate the rules of use.

Lawyers consider the social network’s stance to be “absurd”. They point out that, in its own “hate-propagation policies”, Twitter prohibits posts with “sexist statements, nicknames, treatment” against “groups vulnerable to internet harassment”, including women.

“While the video remains on the air, their image is more exposed to blemishes,” reads the initial petition in the case, which the technoblog had access. In the opinion of the lawyers, the social network could even have hidden the personal data of the professionals to protect their identities.

The video published by Eduardo Bolsonaro intersperses testimonies of women hired by the company that oversees subway line 6, Grupo Acciona, with images of the disaster that hit the work. The tweet has, to date, 1.4 million views and over 12,000 likes.

Court orders removal of videos from Twitter

On February 25, the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP) granted an urgent injunction for the social network to take down the publication of the president’s son, in favor of professionals who filed a lawsuit against the social network. .

Another user who tweeted the exact same video was the entrepreneur and owner of Lojas Havan, Luciano Hang. He was also the target of the TJSP’s decision, which asked Twitter to take down the publication. O technoblog found that Hang himself deleted the tweet after becoming aware of the action.

Segundo a decisão judicial em 1ª instância, o Twitter deveria deletar as postagens de Hang e Eduardo Bolsonaro em pelo menos 48 horas, sob pena de multa diária de R$ 1 mil, limitada ao teto de R$ 100 mil. Eighteen days after the decision, the video is still up on the account of the president’s son.

In a note to technoblog, Twitter said it “does not comment on ongoing cases.” The report also tried to contact Eduardo Bolsonaro’s office in Brasília by phone, but did not get a response.

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