Twitch blackout: streamers strike this Monday (23)

Dozens of Brazilian streamers joined, this Monday (23), the movement “Apagão da Twitch”. Content producers said they will not hold lives today in protest of the video platform’s decisions and lack of transparency.

The kind of “strike” has not only counted on gameplayers, but also content producers who talk about history, arts, music and other themes in lives.

In conversation with the voxel, one of the movement’s organizers said he doesn’t know exactly how many streamers will not open the lives today. However, a survey is being carried out on this and the expectation is that tomorrow they will have a sense of the impact of collective action.

“We think it will create a very good noise and will give us strength to plan the next demonstration and communication on the networks in the coming weeks,” said the young woman, who prefers not to be identified because the movement is suffering from hate on social networks.

She also said that in recent days the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch has emerged internationally, which has brought together streamers who are complaining about the platform’s neglect of hate attacks. Despite the appearance of the tag, she emphasizes that Brazilians have nothing to do with the movement abroad.

“All of this will help to spread the message and grow the movement. In summary, we are very excited to see the result after today”, he concludes.

Joining the Blackout

Among the content producers who joined the movement was Gaybol, who has more than 26,000 followers on Twitch.

Another streamer who joined the “strike” was MatheusJoyBoy. With more than 12,000 followers, he also posted on Twitter a support for the unionization of the category.

Check out, below, other people who have channels on Twitch and said they won’t be live this Monday.

Streamer Movements

Twitch’s Blackout is one of the responses to the Amazon platform’s announcement to reduce by 66% the value of subscriptions (called subs) for Brazilian channels. As a result, the standard price dropped from R$22.99 to R$7.90. In addition to questioning the new values, streamers are asking for more transparency.

Even before the Blackout, the “União dos Streamers” had already appeared on social networks. The organized group is asking, among other things, for exemption from a 30% tax that is paid by Brazilians to the US government and better conditions for Twitch BR staff.

What does Twitch say?

O voxel contacted Twitch to inquire about the streamers’ demands. However, the company has not yet positioned itself on the subject.

Last week, the reporter had already contacted the company about the matter and had not received any feedback.

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