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After removing a series of videos that violated copyright rules without offering an alternative to streamers, Twitch apologized for not having the most appropriate tools for this type of situation. The platform released a statement to try to explain what led to the mass deletion of videos and present what is being done to prevent this from happening again.

Twitch promises new features for streamers (Image: Victor Hugo Silva / Tecnoblog)

Twitch started deleting videos more often in October, after being notified of violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The service said the decision was made due to a significant increase in record label notices and claimed that by May 2020, streamers received less than 50 notifications per year.

“Starting in May, however, representatives from the major labels began sending thousands of DMCA notifications a week with a focus on the creators’ files, especially for excerpts of tracks in videos from years ago. We continue to receive large batches of notifications and we do not expect this to decrease, ”says Twitch.

In the statement, the platform said it was surprised by the flood of notifications and that the frustration with the dropping of the videos is “completely justified”. The company also admitted that it failed to provide more detailed notifications to streamers.

“Given the circumstances, the warning email that many of you received did not include all of the information that you would normally receive in a DMCA notification,” said the service. “We heard your comments about how frustrating the little information we provide and we should have made this warning email more informative and useful.”

The message sent by Twitch only stated that the channel received the notification, but did not give details such as the excerpt of the alleged violation and who claimed the copyright. The service also said it could have created resources beyond the mass deletion of videos.

“One of the mistakes we made was not building adequate tools to allow creators to manage their own libraries of video on demand and clips,” he said. “We could have developed more sophisticated and easier-to-use tools some time ago.”

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To prevent streamers from being harmed and to give everyone time to adjust, Twitch has paused its strike policy. The platform also recommends that content creators stop playing music on their videos and review old videos that may have music, unless they have rights to the material or permission from the holders of that right.

Twitch prepares new features for streamers

Twitch also indicated that it is working on three improvements to prevent streamers from being penalized for copyright infringement notifications. One of them involves a feature capable of detecting copyrighted audios and an option that gives more control over the file, instead of presenting only the mass deletion.

The service also promises to help creators decide whether songs that appear in a live broadcast will remain on the recorded content. In addition, the platform should improve tools for users to appeal DMCA breach notifications if they understand they have not violated the rules.

Also according to the statement, Twitch has been talking to record labels about a possible deal to release the use of music by streamers. However, the platform states that the model that is usually used would require a cut in the revenue of content creators and understands that this would not make much sense to your community.

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