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Streaming subscriptions — such as Netflix —, TVs and transport by application — such as Uber and 99 — rose more than inflation, which closed the year at 10.06%, according to a report by the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) released by the IBGE this Tuesday (11). The IPCA ended 2020 with a rise of 4.52%. The institute points out that the 2021 result was mainly driven by the transport category, with the rise in fuels. Travel pricing per app grew by over 33%.

Here's how to download and install apps on your smart TV (Image: Glenn Carsters/Unsplash)
TVs and streaming rose above their categories and inflation in 2021, points out IBGE (Image: Glenn Carsters/Unsplash)

In December 2021, all product categories surveyed by the IBGE had a rise caused by inflation. The institute points out that the category of household items — which includes home appliances and white goods, such as refrigerators — underwent one of the biggest readjustments in the month.

The transport category, which encompasses the services provided by the applications, had an increase of 0.58% in price, which represents a drop compared to November, when the service was readjusted by 3.35%. The decrease was mainly driven by the drop in fuel prices, which fell by 0.94% in the last month of the year.

Refrigerators are 20% more expensive in 2021

The IBGE points out that the rise in household articles was driven by furniture, with an increase of 2.07%, and by household appliances and equipment, with 1.77%.

In the accumulated IPCA for 2021, the cost of products in this category increased by 13.65%. Specifically, refrigerators had the greatest impact on the consumer’s pocket, with an increase of 20.21% in price, following inflation.

Even with the electricity bill even more expensive in 2021, the consumer can choose a refrigerator that is economical in energy consumption. Inmetro has an index — compiled by technoblog — from equipment with lower electricity consumption to the consumer who needs a refrigerator.

Good news: air conditioners got even cheaper last year, with a cumulative 0.89% drop in price. It is also an expense that can weigh on the electricity bill, depending on usage. Inmetro has a program that informs consumers which models consume the least energy.

Transport by app rises 33% due to inflation

The price of transport per app increased by more than 33% in 2021. It was a rise above the general transport sector average of 21%.

Even in December, with high expectations from Uber and 99 in relation to the increase in demand caused by end-of-year trips, transport by application closed the year with an 11% readjustment in the IPCA. One factor that prevented an even greater rise in the price of trips per app in the last month of the year was the drop in fuel costs, after a seven-month high.

However, buying and maintaining a new or used car to work like Uber and 99 in Brazil became even more expensive in 2021. Last year, new vehicles closed with a cumulative increase of 16.16% in price, while used cars were 15% more expensive. expensive due to inflation. Ethanol and regular gasoline saw the biggest increase in the transport category in 2021: 62.23% and 47.49%, respectively.

TVs and streaming subscriptions just got more expensive

Netflix on the iPad App Store (Image: Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash)
Netflix on the iPad App Store (Image: Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash)

Sound, computer and TV devices rose 0.70% with inflation in December. The repair of this type of device was 0.79% more expensive. It is a considerable increase in relation to November, when the IPCA had a smaller impact for both categories: 0.03% and 0.06%, respectively.

In the accumulated result of last year, sound, computer and TV devices had an increase of more than 10% in prices, with emphasis on televisions (19.17%) and consoles (21.89%). Until October, the rise in the cost of gadgets like the PS5 and Xbox Series X was 17%.

In the communication sector, streaming services had an accumulated increase of almost 17% in subscriptions, according to the IBGE. This is reflected in the increase in the price of some subscriptions in 2021, as was the case with Netflix – monthly fees started to cost between R$25.90 and R$55.90 per month. Spotify also readjusted the cost of all its plans, with the biggest being the family plan, which went from R$26.90 to R$34.90 per month.

The price of streaming not only rose above inflation, but also the 1.38% average for the communication sector recorded in 2021.

A survey carried out by technoblog found that paying for all streaming services in Brazil can reach more than BRL 300. Subscriptions to the most popular platforms, such as Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and the Globoplay plus Disney+ combo cost BRL 137.60 per month — something close to the price of a cable TV plan.

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