Tutorial: How to download and install Windows 11?

Microsoft finally released Windows 11, the company’s next-generation operating system for computers. In addition to being shipped on new machines, the OS can be applied to existing computers and comes as a free upgrade for those who have a PC running Windows 10.

As the system is practically an upgrade from the previous OS version, installing the new one is very simple. Here’s how to install Windows 11 on your computer using the official tools from Microsoft. For those who already have Windows 10, the process can be performed with just a piece of software, a bootable pendrive or the system image, without the need for extra programs.

Microsoft makes available on its website an official tool for downloading and installing Windows. The program can be used either to update your current computer or to create installation media for other machines, such as a USB stick or DVD.

Below, you can see how to use Microsoft’s official tool to install Windows 11 in both cases. Note that you do not need to have an activation key to download and install the operating system, but you can license the OS later with a key.

Installing Windows 11 on your PC

The simplest way to install Windows 11 is to download the Microsoft update tool on the computer that will receive the operating system. The procedure is very similar to that for Windows 10 updates.

  • Go to the official Windows 11 download site;
  • Click in “Download now” and Windows 11 Installation Wizard;
  • open the program which will be downloaded and follow the step by step;
  • If your computer is compatible, click “Next” to proceed with the installation;

Windows 11

  • The installer also lets you choose whether or not you want to keep files that already exist on the PC. If you want to keep the files and just perform the system upgrade, select the option to keep the files;
  • With everything set up, click on “Install
  • The computer will need to be restarted for the system to install;

Creating a USB stick or ISO with Windows 11

Microsoft’s official tool can also be used to create Windows 11 installation media. Thus, you can create a pen drive or DVD to apply the operating system to other computers.

According to Microsoft, the ideal is to use a pen drive with at least 8 GB to perform the operating system installation. If you do not have physical media, you can install directly with the ISO file on Windows 10 PCs, but you will need to download or transfer the image to the computer that will receive the new system.

See how to create a Windows 11 USB stick or ISO with the Microsoft system:

Windows 11 install

  • Go to the official Windows 11 download site;
  • In the “Create Windows 11 Installation Media” division, click “Download now” and save the program to your computer;
  • Select option “Create installation media (pen drive, DVD or ISO file) for another computer”;
  • Select your preferred Windows 11 edition, language and architecture and click “Next”
  • Then indicate whether you want to create a bootable USB drive with Windows 11 or an ISO file and click “Next” to complete the setup. The pen drive must be connected to the computer to perform the procedure.
  • To download the ISO directly, go to the Microsoft website and go to the option “Downloading the Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)”.

Installing Windows 11 from the ISO

For those who use the tool to create an ISO, the Windows 11 image file will be saved on your computer after performing the system download in the official Microsoft tool. In addition to allowing installation from DVDs or USB sticks, the system image can also be used to automatically apply the OS to your computer.

To install Windows 11 using only the ISO file on Windows 10, follow these steps:

Windows 11Windows 11 can be installed directly from the ISO, without the need for a bootable pendrive.

  • Download the Windows 11 ISO file using the Microsoft website or another source of your choice;
  • After downloading, find the Windows 11 ISO file on your PC, right click and select “Mount”. If the option is not available, select “Open with” and “Windows Explorer”;

ISO do Windows 11Run the “Setup” application, present inside the Windows 11 ISO, to start the installation on the PC.

  • With the ISO file folder open, click on the “Setup” executable to proceed with the Windows 11 installation.
  • Follow the installation menu steps as shown in the tutorials above.

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