Turn on Flashlight: 3 ways to turn on your mobile flashlight

The flashlight is a simple function and present in practically all smartphones launched since 2010. However, some users still find it difficult to activate the mechanism, especially with the constant updates of cell phone operating systems.

Today TecMundo teaches three ways to activate the flashlight function on your iPhone. Check out:

Turning on the iPhone flashlight

The most practical way to turn on the flashlight is to use the native iOS function, check it out:

1. From any iPhone screen, swipe up until shortcut icons appear (as shown in the image below).

On the iPhone shortcut buttons screen, press the Flashlight symbol.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

2. Then press the Flashlight button.

Press the Flashlight button to activate itPress the Flashlight button to activate it.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

3. To turn it off, just press the button again.

Using the Flashlight app

You can also use an app to turn on the flashlight. The advantage is that most of them have extra functions, such as light intensity and types of lighting. Check out:

1. In the App Store, type “Flashlight.” in the search field. Look for the app of the same name (as shown in the image below) and download it for free.

Download the Flashlight app.Download the Flashlight app.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

2. Open the “Flashlight.” app.

3. Press the main screen button to turn on the flashlight (as shown in the image below).

The main switch turns your iPhone's flashlight on and offThe main switch turns your iPhone’s flashlight on and off.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

4. The application also brings some more options, such as increasing or decreasing the light intensity, the possibility of leaving the flashlight flashing quickly, or leaving it with an effect similar to a car alert.

Using the iPhone Back Tap

Another way to use the flashlight is to create a Back Tap for the trigger. The function is an accessibility feature that allows you to set a command to run with the touch of your fingers on the back of iPhone. Check out:

1. Access the iOS “Shortcuts” app. If you don’t have it on your iPhone, just type the name in the device search and download.

Access the app Access the iPhone “Shortcuts” app via the system search.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

2. In the app, press the “+” symbol in the upper right corner of the screen to create a shortcut.

Press on the Tap “+” to create a shortcut on your iPhone.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

3. On the next screen, tap “Add Action”.

“Add Action” will make you start creating a new shortcut.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

4. Now, in the search field, type “Flashlight”. Then choose the “Set Flashlight” option.

First type First type “flashlight” in the search to find the function. Then press on the search result: “Set Flashlight”.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

5. The screen will show some settings related to turning on the flashlight. First, in “Operation” check the option “toggle” so that the activated command turns the light on and off. Then set the brightness intensity and when you’re done with the adjustments, tap “ok”.

Make adjustments to the flashlight settingsMake adjustments to the flashlight settings.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

6. Now select a name for the shortcut where the flashlight will be activated.

Choose a name for the flashlight shortcutChoose a name for the flashlight shortcut.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

7. Make sure the shortcut was created before starting the next step.

The flashlight shortcut will appear among the configured shortcutsThe flashlight shortcut will appear among the configured shortcuts.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

8. Now go to iPhone Settings.

9. Once there, go to the “Accessibility” option.

In settings, enter the option In “Settings”, enter the “Accessibility” option.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

10. Scroll down and press the “Touch” option.

Choose the option Choose the “Ring” option.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

11. Now select the “Play Back” option.

Press Press “Tap Back” to start setting the flashlight tap shortcut.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

12. On the next screen, you can configure the flashlight to turn on with two or three taps on the back of your iPhone. If you are already using some function for these commands, you can override it.

Choose Double or Triple Tap on the back of the iPhone to trigger the commandChoose “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap” on the back of the iPhone to trigger the command.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

13. In our tests, we will set up “Double Tap”. After clicking on the option, look under “Shortcuts” for the “Flashlight” function (as shown in the image below).

Look for the flashlight function in the shortcut listLook for the flashlight function in the shortcut list.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

14. After choosing the function, you will return to the shortcuts screen and the flashlight will already be set to be activated with two taps on the back of the device.

When returning to the shortcut screen, confirm that the function has been activatedWhen returning to the shortcut screen, confirm that the function has been activated.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

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