Tucak: I shudder when I watch scenes from Budapest, after that tragedy I wonder why

In the INTERVIEW of the week of Media servis, the selector of the Croatian water polo team, Ivica Tucak, was a guest. Tucak commented on the time of isolation in Croatia and how he experienced it. He spoke about the untimely death of the legendary Hungarian player and coach Tibor Benedek. Of course, the topic was the national team and the return of players to the pool, but also the great victory over Montenegro in Dubrovnik last week and the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year.

The first topic was the return of new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia.

“I’m unpleasantly surprised, I thought it was behind us. What and how next is the question, but I believe there will be no complete blockade, it is unacceptable in terms of the functioning of normal life. ‘Let’s pray to God that somehow it passes and that life normalizes, but that we will have to be careful is very clear, “said the coach.

The world closed in on its homes and followed the news of the coronavirus pandemic through the media. Coach Tucak explained how he endured the isolation.

“I am not used to that closed life, considering the function I perform and my way of life. That situation was difficult for me, it was not easy for me, it is not for anyone,” Tucak believes.

Korona has postponed the 2021 Olympic Games, and coach Tucak is skeptical about holding the biggest sporting event in Tokyo.

“At the moment, I don’t see a way to hold the Olympics if no vaccine is found. I don’t see a way to have 25,000 athletes in the Olympic Village and function normally,” Tucak said.

The untimely death of Tibor Benedek, the legendary Hungarian water polo player, later the selector, fell hard on Ivica Tuck.

“I shudder now as I talk about the pictures coming from Budapest, the whole city and Hungary have stopped, paying homage to one such athlete. Two days after that tragic and unfortunate death I am still impressed, you wonder what a man is and how much all this is worth what are we talking about “, Tucak was shaken.

Croatian water polo players played a friendly-preparatory match in Dubrovnik, where they swept Montenegro, as if they wanted revenge for the defeat in January in the fight for bronze at the European Championships.

“It was important to win the game and put things in their place. They surprised me pleasantly, we played a fantastic game, I am convinced that we are a better team and I am glad that the guys showed it. Croatia is back in the right way,” said Tucak. .

Croatia still has to get a visa for Tokyo, and when you get there, then the goal is gold.

“Of course, without such a goal, you don’t even have to play sports. The Olympic Games are the most valuable thing, I had the privilege of playing in the finals, unfortunately we took ‘only’ silver. We will do everything, me first as a coach, to get that gold around as soon as possible. the door, ”the menu announced.

Maro Joković, Xavi Garcia and captain Andro Bušlje wanted to end their national team career in Tokyo this year. What is the situation with our senators in the national team, Tucak says:

“I am extremely happy for the three of them, they are real athletes and they live it. Thank God, we will finish the Olympic cycle with them,” Tucak said with satisfaction.

A very strong tournament is expected in Šibenik in August with the participation of Italy, Montenegro and Spain, followed by the farewell of Ratko Rudić in Zagreb in September, one of the greatest coaches in the history of sports, and certainly the best water polo coach in the world. The match will be played by Croatia – Svijet.

“Ratko needs to have a real party, I hope he will win that game and leave as the winner. He will stay in world water polo forever and his opinion should always be respected, he will no longer be on the bench, but he will be with water polo,” the coach said at the end. our water polo players Ivica Tucak.

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