Trato Feito: 10 similar series for those who are fans of the program

If you are a fan of Done deal, need to watch these programs. We list 10 reality shows and TV series related to the themes present in the series: antiques and relics, bladed weapons, searching for treasures, battles for old items forgotten or lost, a program that addresses the relationship between bosses and their employees and another about homes of those who accumulate junk. There are productions for all tastes!

Rick flanked by Chumlee and his son Corey.Source:  History/Disclosure

Done deal shows the daily life of a traditional pawn shop – Antique store from Las Vegas, with antiques and collector’s items deals, as well as showing the relationships of the team that works with Rick Harrison: his family and Chumlee. You can find out more about the store in this matter.

Check out our list of series similar to Done deal!

10. Undercover Boss

asd Disclosure

The Chief Spy is a ten-season series that aired on American broadcaster CBS and twice won the Emmy for Best Reality. The program focuses on the relationship between bosses and their subordinates.

To find out how their organizations really work, executives infiltrate their own companies, pretending to be employees. During the process, they monitor the employees’ routine, their motivations, problems and opinions. At the end of the experiences, everyone learns from each other.

9. Accumulators

rc Disclosure

Broadcasted in Brazil by A&E, accumulators shows the extreme side of those who cannot let go of objects. During the episodes, we see homes of people with accumulation disorder and professionals trying to help. The program also addresses the consequences of accumulation, which include eviction, imprisonment and even the loss of custody of children.

8. Challenge under Fire

hu History/Disclosure

This program is for those who like to see melee weapons like the ones that appear in Done deal. Several blacksmiths compete with each other, demonstrating their skills in creating replicas of traditional and exotic weapons. Once ready, the guns are judged and tested by professionals — which is a lot of fun!

7. The Curse of Oak Island

gy History/Disclosure

Currently airing on the same channel as Done deal, History, this reality show follows the legend of Oak Island, an island off the coast of Nova Scotia, which is said to hold the greatest treasure that ever lived. Rick and Marty Lagina, two brothers, try – for eight seasons – to solve the mystery of more than 200 years.

6. Gold Rush

fans Disclosure

Another excavation program, Gold Rush follows Todd and Jack Hoffman, father and son who work as gold miners in remote areas in the state of Alaska (United States). They go to Porcupine Creek and there they take the biggest risks of their lives in search of gold. In addition to the adventure, the show addresses the relationship between father and son who work together, as well as Rick and Corey in Done deal.

5. Crazy about Cars

count Disclosure

who accompanies Done deal meets Danny Koker the Count, a motorcycle and classic car enthusiast who helps Rick evaluate the cars on the show — as in the Steve McQueen episode.

Count has its own program, in which it restores, customizes and sells cars that are true gems. Kevin, his best friend, helps him find rarities and Count is in charge of convincing the owners to sell them, making offers they can’t refuse. If you like trading and vintage cars, this program is for you.

4. The Battle of the Suitcases

dfd Internet Playback

A group of treasure hunters shows what happens to bags that are not retrieved from airport baggage claim. Sold at auctions, the luggage is opened and its contents taken for evaluation at antique stores and thrift stores.

Among the offers and proposals, each episode reveals a little about the city where it was recorded and the personality of the unknown traveler who left his suitcase behind.

3. Storage Wars: Who Gives More?

ffsf Disclosure

On air through the History channel, Who gives more shows battles for abandoned warehouses. Merchants can get rich buying deposits of this type if they’re lucky with what’s inside—since they don’t discover the contents of the shed until they pay for it.

2. Deal Done: United Kingdom

sfdd History/Disclosure

Second on the list is another franchise program. In the same format as Las Vegas, the English version of the series features typically British artifacts, which have an extensive historical past. They are relics from medieval times and even tools of war.

1. Relic Hunters

sff History/Disclosure

First on our list of programs similar to Done deal it is Relic Hunters. The series follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, antiquities experts who travel across the United States in search of rare artifacts and national treasures.

Instead of hanging out in the store like Rick, the two go out on the road, following clues or making unscheduled visits to locations that appear to contain valuable items.

And you, did you like the list? Which of these series have you watched and which do you want to see? Let us know in the comments!

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