TousAntiCovid is already ready for the Health Pass, here’s how it works

The TousAntiCovid application already has a section dedicated to the Health Pass. From June 9, 2021, you must obtain a negative PCR test or a vaccination certificate to travel or access certain places. Storing them in the application can be practical, especially since the application also allows you to store your children’s PCR tests and certificates.

On Wednesday May 12, 2021, the deputies voted to create the Sanitary Pass. This system will make it possible to continue the fight against the coronavirus pandemic while accelerating deconfinement. Access to certain places or travel within and outside the European Union will require the mandatory presentation of a PCR test or a vaccination certificate. All the tests and vaccination certificates will contain a QR Code (Datamatrix) that can be scanned directly in TousAntiCovid to avoid having to constantly carry loose sheets.

When will the health pass become compulsory and in which cases?

The Health Pass, in other words the presentation of a negative PCR test, certificate of recovery or a vaccination certificate will become compulsory in France from June 9, 2021. This Health Pass will be essential for trips inside and outside the European Union. It should be presented when going to events of more than 1000 people, such as concerts, sporting events and festivals. You are not required to present this pass to go to a gym, cinema, theater or restaurant. Ultimately, this Pass is intended to be integrated into a European system which should come into force on June 15, 2021.

In recent days, vaccination against COVID-19 has been open to all people over 18 in France. To get an appointment and get vaccinated quickly just go to and ViteMaDose ( Note that you will not be issued a certificate until the second booster dose, unless you have opted for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. In addition, if you are already vaccinated but do not have a QR Code, it will be possible to obtain the famous sesame in the coming weeks on a health insurance site currently in preparation.

The little surprise is that the government teams quickly adapted the Sanitary Pass in the TousAntiCovid application. As you can see in the front page capture of this article, however, you will not find a section labeled “Health Pass” in the app. The correct section is called “My Notebooks”, immediately under the link that allows you to generate exit certificates. If you go in, you will then see a screen where you can add your certificates, as well as those of your children and the people in your care. Of course, if you do not want to use the application, it is still possible to use paper certificates. But that does involve carrying loose sheets around all the time that you are likely to lose.

Are there any sanctions associated with the Health Pass?

Not really. In any case for the users. A priori the only risk to which someone who does not have a Health Pass is exposed is to have their entry refused to a place that requires it or to be refused boarding a plane or a boat. No punitive sanction, such as a fine targeting the user, is provided for by law. Unlike other phases of confinement, it is not really a question of encouraging users to stay at home, but on the contrary of helping them to resume an increasingly normal life.

The Minister of Health has also warned, in this spirit, that places that are not part of the Health Pass system may in no case require the presentation of the Pass to their customers. If they do, threatens the minister, “Sanctions will be pronounced”, without knowing more about the content of these sanctions (administrative closure? Fine?). The Ministry of Health has chosen an original approach, since certain places such as restaurants, museums and shops are exempt from the Sanitary Pass, while these are places where contamination can take place.

It is very simple :

  • Open AllAntiCovid (now also called AntiCovid)
  • Go to My Notebooks
  • Touch Scan the QR Code
  • Scan the QR Code on your certificate

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We remind you, however, if you encounter scan errors before June 6, this is normal. The device has just been voted and your QR code may not yet be suitable. A health insurance service will issue functional QR Codes to those who already have certificates in the second half of May.

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