Totoro seen by Pierre Coffin, Dean Deblois, Brad Bird, Benjamin Renner…

Pierre Coffin, co-director of Moi, ugly and mean: “I discovered it when I was working at Amblimation, in London. It must have been in the middle of the 90s; around 1994 or 1995. One day, I see that film buzzes in offices Groups of animators are glued to screens broadcasting the same VHS – a copy of a copy of a copy This is my first contact with My neighbor Totoro. I borrow the cassette, not under -titled, and there: total wonder. (…) Paradoxically, what seduced me the most at the time was that I didn’t understand anything. It was in Japanese, I was desperately trying to know what it said, and at the same time I let myself be carried away by the magic of the images. ”

Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles 2: “I think this is my favorite Miyazaki because, unlike his more recent films, here it is all about harmony, utopia and peaceful coexistence between men and nature.”

Benjamin Renner, co-director of Ernest and Célestine and Le Grand méchant renard: “I had first seen, very young, an extract with the cat bus. A visual shock! (…) Until then, the model remained Disney, but Miyazaki, it was the promise of novelty. In this film, there is no villain and it upset my codes. And nature! It was new at the time to show, through a film of animation, how to help nature, to preserve it. ”

Jean-Pierre Dionnet, producer and distributor of Asian films: “You should know that Miyazaki has two masters: Saint-Exupéry and Moebius. It’s funny because Jean [Giraud, dit Moebius] in turn fed on the spirit of his films. “He understands nature much better than I do,” he used to tell me. ”

Genndy Tartakovsky, director of Hotel Transylvania: “I discovered the film at CalArt [California Institute of the Arts] in the early 90s. Back then, we thought MTV, we ate MTV, we slept MTV. We were asked to go faster and faster in our cartoons. And then, all of a sudden, I fall on it. It was my gateway to the Miyazaki universe. He made me realize that we shouldn’t be afraid to slow down. ”

Dean Deblois, director of Dragons: “When I arrived at Disney, a friend told me that I could never work in animation without knowing Miyazaki. When he showed me My neighbor Totoro, my life changed . This film inspired me a lot for Lilo and Stitch, especially to find the balance between family portrait and fantasy comedy. ”

Michael Dudok De Wit, director of The Red Turtle: “The sequence that particularly struck me was that of the two girls in the rain. There was so much taste and sensitivity in this scene, so much elegance that I was At that moment, I thought of Kurosawa. The 7 Samurais is the first Japanese film I saw in my life and My neighbor Totoro owns what touched me in the masterpiece of Kurosawa: extreme sensitivity to the elements: water, rain, wind …

Hirokazu Kore-Eda, director of Nobody Knows: “I discovered this film while I was still a student, in a cinema in the Kichijôji district in Tokyo. At the time, the film was shown in double program with Le Tomb of the fireflies of Isao Takahata and I saw the two films in a row, first Totoro and then The Tomb … I always regretted having seen it in this order: because I went home me crushed by sorrow. And also because I can’t think of Totoro without thinking of the Tomb of the Fireflies. ”

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