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Amazon has answered the call for the French Days 2021 edition. Treat yourself to inexpensive products from the thousands of items available for a fraction of their price. With well-ordered charity starting with oneself, Amazon’s connected objects are at the forefront of its site.

The best French Days 2021 deals on Amazon connected objects

There are several opportunities available to you right now to purchase one of the many Echo smart speakers at a reduced price. Amazon is actively taking part in French Days 2021, whose promotions have been popping up everywhere since May 27. In this summary, we have selected the best offers on the brand’s connected objects for you. Whether you are looking for a good opportunity to buy a Echo Dot 3 or 4, Eco Show 5 or the Fire tv stick, you find your happiness here.

Amazon Echo Flex at € 14.99

echo flex

The purpose of the Echo Flex is to make the Alexa assistant even more accessible and to spread it everywhere at home. Designed as a male connected plug, it plugs into any female wall outlet or an extension cord. You don’t need anything else to take advantage of Alexa services. This eliminates the need to buy multiple Echo speakers at the same time. The Echo Flex accessory is on sale at € 14.99 instead of € 29.99 on the Amazon site.

Amazon speaker Echo Dot 3 FOR € 24.99

Echo Dot 3 less than 25 euros

Lightweight and compact, the Echo Dot represents the entry level of the Amazon Echo connected speakers. It broadcasts sound of acceptable quality for its small size. What to listen to music without breaking the eardrums, while benefiting from the services of Alexa. On the occasion of French Days 2021, Amazon is offering it at € 24.99 instead of € 49.99. You benefit from a welcome reduction of 25 €, or 50% on the normal rate.

Echo Dot 4 at € 29.99

Echo Dot 4 on sale

The 4th generation Echo Dot differs from its predecessor with its new spherical appearance. It is slightly larger. And although the built-in speaker remains the same 1.6 ″ size, the vibrations are better distributed inside its larger body. Enough to improve sound reproduction at high volumes. The 4th generation is obviously more expensive, but you can have it at half the price thanks to the French Days. The speaker is available at € 29.99 instead of € 59.99.

Echo Dot 4 with clock at € 29.99

Echo Dot 4 with clock

The Echo Dot 4 with clock shares the same features as the standard version. The only difference is easily guessed by its name. It is indeed equipped with a digital clock on the surface which allows you to have the time at a glance. This is a practical possibility which has its additional cost. However thanks to the French Days, you can buy it cheaper at 39.99 € instead of 69.99 € usually.

Pack Echo Dot 3 + 2 Philips Hue White bulbs at € 34.99

Echo Dot 3 pack with 2 Philips Hue White bulbs

Every opportunity is there when you can afford additional smart bulbs for the home. And nothing like Philips Hue. Boulanger is taking advantage of the French Days to sell off this pack composed of two white screw-on bulbs in E27 format. You also get a 3rd generation Echo Dot speaker to control them by voice. The set is priced at € 34.99 instead of € 69.99. This represents a 50% discount that cannot be refused.

Fire TV Stick 4k + remote control at € 44.99

Amazon fire stick tv 4K

Empower your TV with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Even old LED TVs without connected features become smart with this accessory that allows you to enjoy a full entertainment experience. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Disney + and more… The platform has all the major applications. This HDMI accessory comes with its versatile remote control. Get the set for just € 34.99 instead of € 59.99.

Amazon Echo Show 5 at € 49.99

amazon echo show 5 speaker

A visual experience is so much more convenient. If the speakers of the Echo speakers alone aren’t enough for you, take the extra step. Treat yourself to an Echo Show 5 with a 5-inch touch screen. At a glance, access various information such as weather, time, real-time traffic, etc.

Cooking enthusiasts can also follow step-by-step recipes. Best of all, the Echo Show is compatible with YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video, to name a few. Take advantage of French Days 2021 to buy it for € 49.99 instead of € 89.99 (-44%).

Pack Philips Hue White & Color + Echo Dot 3 + connection bridge at € 99.99

Pack Philips Pack Hue Amazon Starter kit

Another Philips Hue pack if you are looking to acquire new connected bulbs. This time, it’s White & Color lamps that allow you to change the mood in your home. Give a colorful atmosphere to your interior with almost endless color choices. The two bulbs come with an Echo Dot 3 speaker as well as the connection bridge to synchronize everything.

Usually sold € 149.99 on the Boulanger site, the pack sees its price drop to € 99.99. A great offer which is offered to you thanks to the French Days 2021 at Boulanger. Finally, don’t hesitate to take a look at what’s going on elsewhere. The French Days are in full swing on Cdiscount, Darty Fnac and even on Rue du Commerce.

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