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Since the end of 2020, the government of São Paulo has been implementing changes to EMTU Metro, CPTM and intercity bus tickets. In October of this year, the system began to replace the good card, used in intercity buses, by the top card. The change, however, has left users confused.

Promotion of the Top card in São Paulo (image: Facebook/Top)

The Bom card can still be used, but since the turn of the year it no longer accepts credits. The Metropolitan Transport Department says the balance does not expire. When finished, the passenger needs to make the new Top card.

Even so, a question remains: what happens to the money left over, but not enough to pay for a ticket?

The future of the remaining balance

Until the beginning of December, the future of the “leftover” of Bom card credits was uncertain.

On November 24, the website Transport Diary reported that the secretary of Metropolitan Transport, Paulo José Galli, had minimized the issue and said that it would be resolved later. Procon-SP came to notify Autopass, the association responsible for the system, to find out what would be done.

On Twitter, the service’s official account he said to a user that it will be possible to transfer the balance to the Top or use it to complete the value of a ticket.

Wanted by technoblog, the Metropolitan Transport Department sent the following position (emphasis added):

No citizen will be harmed in the use of their BOM card credits, which have NO expiration date. Passengers will be entitled to the entire remaining amount (residual less than one ticket) on the BOM card, which can be used as a supplement when purchasing a new ticket or as credit on a new TOP card.

The remaining balance of the BOM card (residual less than the value of a ticket) will be migrated to the TOP in a term and format yet to be announced. Until then, the passenger can continue using the BOM normally to board the intercity lines and stations, or issue a new TOP card. There is no deadline for using the existing balance on the BOM card.

Top card and app (image: reproduction/Top)
Top card and app (image: reproduction/Top)

Ticket and bus problems

The transition to the Top doesn’t just include the card. It also covers the Metro and CPTM ticket offices. Instead of the old magnetic tickets, the ones you stuck in the turnstile, the tickets now have a QR Code.

They can be physical or digital. In the first case, they are printed on thermal paper by sales totems. In the second, purchased and displayed directly on the smartphone screen.

The system, however, still faces problems.

In the first few months, there were reports of machines inoperative, causing queues at stations. In some cases, paper was missing.

The problem led Metrô and CPTM to postpone the closing of the box office, which was scheduled for the end of 2021.

Another issue is acceptance by municipal lines. The Bom card was originally intended for intercity buses, Metro and CPTM, but collectives in some cities in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region started to accept it. With Top, that should change.

According to survey of Wall Agency, municipal buses from Carapicuíba, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Poá, Ribeirão Pires and Suzano will not accept the Top, only their own cards.

As a result, passengers who use these lines to reach train stations or intercity bus stops will have to pay more for the trip, as there is no possibility of integration.

New card can have digital, debit and credit account

One of the Top card’s innovations is that it can have an integrated digital account and debit card, without a fee. You can also activate the credit function, but there is an annual fee of 12 installments of R$ 16.90.

If the passenger does not want to, he can only have the transport card. But he needs to be careful when registering.

Top registration leaves only transport card as an option
Top registration leaves a transport card as an option (Image: Reproduction/Top)

The option for the transport card is in the middle of the terms of use of the service. It is unchecked by default. The user needs to find the box in the middle of the text and check it.

In Reclame Aqui, there are also reports of passengers who had problems when asking for a card without a digital account.

A consumer in the city of Itapevi says that she had to go to a unit of Lojas Pernambucanas, a commercial partner of the service, to print the card after a delay in delivery. At first, she was unable to withdraw without the credit option. Afterwards, it was not possible to get the card without the digital account.

In Suzano, another customer claims to have requested the transport card, but the one issued has a digital account. Now, he will need to cancel and order a new one.

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