Top 10 series of 2021 to watch (first semester)

Curious to know the best series from 2021 so far? Well, the first half of this year was filled with excellent productions, which were faithful companions in this period of isolation.

Many interesting productions were released or had great seasons that came out in the first half of this year. To help you find the next marathon show, Minha Série decided to list the top 10 series that aired in the first half of 2021.

(Source: Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Source:  Amazon Prime Video

With the voices of Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh and JK Simmons, the animation Invincible is one of the latest Amazon Prime Video hits. The series, which is inspired by a comic book of the same name, tells the story of Mark Grayson, a young man who is discovering his superpowers and dealing with the legacy of being the son of the great Omni-Man.

The show goes far beyond an animation full of struggles and violence, making the audience think and getting deeply into the emotions felt by the characters.

(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Source:  Netflix

Disguised as a teen series on Netflix, Ginny & Georgia keeps showing what it came for throughout the season. The show is centered on the lives of the mother, Georgia, and the daughter, Ginny. The family drama is highly funny, full of conflict and very engaging, leaving the audience captivated and curious to know what happens next.

The 2nd season of the series has already been confirmed by the streaming platform.

(Source: Apple TV+/Play)(Source: Apple TV+/Play)Source:  Apple TV+

With an intelligent script and great performances, the 2nd season of mythic quest won over audiences and critics. The Apple TV+ series follows a game developer studio and focuses on the gaming universe, telling the story with a lot of humor.

The production is done in partnership with Ubisoft, famous game developer.

(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Source:  Netflix

Lupine tells the story of Assane Diop, who is inspired by the fictional character Arsène Lupin, created by Maurice Leblanc, to try to avenge his father. Thus, the protagonist uses his disguise skills and charisma to try to do justice and revenge on the Pellegrini family.

Netflix’s French hit debuted in January 2021, drawing fans across the globe. The show already has two seasons available in the Netflix catalog.

(Source: Apple TV+/Play)(Source: Apple TV+/Play)Source:  Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ series is a science fiction set in a universe where the space race between Russia and the United States never ended.

Launched in 2019, For All Mankind peaked during the current Season 2, taking place in an alternate 1983 year, in which Ronald Reagan is at the end of his second term, John Lennon is still alive, and the Cold War looks set to turn into a real fight on the lunar surface.

5. Mare of Easttown

(Source: HBO/Reproduction)(Source: HBO/Reproduction)Source:  HBO

Mare of Easttown tells the story of Mare Sheehan, a small-town Pennsylvania detective who investigates a local murder as life crumbles around her. HBO’s production brings an interesting reflection on how our past decisions interfere in our present lives.

The series features Kate Winslet in the role of the main character and has an atmosphere of breathtaking mystery.

(Source: HBO Max/Reproduction)(Source: HBO Max/Reproduction)Source:  HBO Max

HBO Max’s LGBTQIA+ series, which arrived in Brazil this Tuesday (29), portrays the story of a group of gay friends between 1981 and 1991. In the story, the characters face the HIV / AIDS crisis that happened in UK.

It’s A Sin is a strong drama and has the hallmark of Russell T. Davies, the big name behind Years & Years and Doctor Who.

(Source: Marvel/Reproduction)(Source: Marvel/Reproduction)Source:  Marvel

WandaVision was one of the biggest hits on Disney+, which has released a lot of content from Marvel heroes. The production tells the story of the couple Wanda and Visão in a very creative way and is inspired by the styles of successful series, such as sitcoms from the 1960s and 2000s.

As Loki and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the show has a strong effect on the plot of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

(Source: HBO Max/Reproduction)(Source: HBO Max/Reproduction)Source:  HBO Max

Made for Love is another production by newcomer HBO Max. In the series, Hazel Green-Gogol discovers that her multimillionaire husband has implanted a love chip in her brain, giving him the ability to control her movements and gather emotional data.

The show has Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) in the role of the protagonist and is a mixture of science fiction, investigation and romantic comedy.

1. Hacks

(Source: HBO Max/Reproduction)(Source: HBO Max/Reproduction)Source:  HBO Max

Closing the list is another HBO Max series. Hacks tells the story of Deborah Vance, a legendary Las Vegas comedian who is struggling with decadence and the difficulty of reaching new audiences. To solve this, Vance hires a young internet star to write new jokes for her.

With a clichéd beginning of hate between the two protagonists, the series is a brilliant comedy and has received 100% of critics’ approval in the Rotten Tomatoes, with high praise for actresses Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder.

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