Top 10 horror movie sequels

Producing a sequel that surpasses the original film or even reaches the same level is a very difficult task in the world of cinema.

However, there are a number of horror films that have delivered fantastic sequels in the cinema, either for the quality of the story or even for being as scary as the original film.

With that in mind, we’ve separated the 10 best horror movie sequels. Check out!

10. Doctor Sleep

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Doctor Sleep is the sequel to the famous Stephen King movie, The illuminated, and manages to deliver a plot as good and scary as the first work. Thus, many fans describe the film as one of the most disturbing they have ever seen, and that is why it has become so famous in the genre.

9. Child’s Play 2

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Although fans still prefer the first movie, Killer’s toy 2 it’s considered a great movie sequel of the genre and viewers love seeing Andy find a foster home and realizing that Chucky is still around and still very dangerous.

8. Panic 2

(Source: Dimension Films/Disclosure)(Source: Dimension Films/Disclosure)Fonte:  Dimension

the movie sequel Panic maintains the same scary and fun line and manages to deliver a worthy continuation to the first film, which made the franchise a great success to this day in the genre.

7. Friday the 13th – Part 2

(Source: Paramount/Disclosure)(Source: Paramount/Disclosure)Fonte:  Paramount

Fans of the genre are very fond of this film and how the sequel is told, as the people of Camp Crystal Lake debate the story of Jason and think about what would happen if he were here, which actually happens in the movie and makes the story even scarier.

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

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Even though the first film in the franchise is still the best, fans believe that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 it is quite underrated and has great potential as a sequel, being a great parody of 80s horror and a reference for many productions that came later in the genre.

5. Supernatural – Chapter 2

(Source: Blumhouse/Disclosure)(Source: Blumhouse/Disclosure)Source: Blumhouse

The original 2010 film in the franchise sees Renai and Josh realizing that there is a supernatural presence in their home, and in the sequel, more layers are added to the story and are investigated. Thus, many fans feel that this film is a very well produced sequel to the Supernatural franchise.

4. Death Gives You Congratulations 2

(Source: Blumhouse/Disclosure)(Source: Blumhouse/Disclosure)Source: Blumhouse

Although in this movie Tree is still wondering why she is in a time loop and what can be done to stop it, the other characters make the plot even more fun and add essential elements so that Death Gives You Congratulations 2 become an extremely well-produced sequel to the franchise.

3. Broken Friendship 2: Dark Web

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This sequence takes place entirely on a computer screen and follows the plot of Matias, better known as the user Charon68. The first movie is simpler and focuses on high school students who are being haunted by a spirit, so the second is seen as even more horrifying and a great continuation of the franchise.

2. Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil

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Although there are a number of works of the genre focused on dolls, many fans of the genre believe that Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil it’s one of the best and it’s the perfect sequel to the original. The work is intriguing and shows sister Charlotte and six orphans moving into a new home and, immediately, being chased by a demon that came from the Annabelle doll.

1. A Mind-blowing Night 2

(Source: Rosebud Releasing/Disclosure)(Source: Rosebud Releasing/Disclosure)Fonte:  Rosebud Releasing

The first film in the franchise is fun but low-budget, and in the sequel, fans follow main character Ash again when he goes to a cabin and becomes the target of demons. Thus, this work is considered by many to be the best sequel of the genre’s films.

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