Top 10 horror movie franchises

In recent years, horror movies have become popular by reinventing themselves and betting on serialized productions. Thus, the imminent emergence of new sagas continued the franchised format of classic productions from the 1980s and 1970s, bringing even more novelties and incorporating groups of fans who got to know little-explored themes and alternative forms of fear.

Check out the main horror franchises in history, according to the site’s ranking. Rotten Tomatoes, and enjoy this month of Halloween knowing more about one of the most important genres for cinema.

10. Premonition (43%)

(Source: Warner Bros. / Reproduction)Source: Warner Bros.

After cheating death and surviving a tragic accident, a young man has frightening premonitions and can visualize the way his friends and other survivors will be brutally murdered. That’s the same premise for all five movies of premonition already launched, which despite having the same concept, have been betting on creativity, extreme violence and the total unpredictability of destiny.

9. Paranormal Activity (47%)

(Source: Paramount / Reproduction)(Source: Paramount / Reproduction)Fonte:  Paramount

Member of the found footage category, one of the favorites among horror fans, the franchise Paranormal activity it consists of six interconnected films and a spin-off in which accounts of supernatural encounters are presented. By inserting cameras configured to give the idea of ​​real and documentary recordings, the series knew how to frighten with good scares and, despite not having narrative depth, it has a climate of constant tension, forcing the viewer to pay attention to every corner.

8. Supernatural (49%)

(Source: Blumhouse / Reproduction)(Source: Blumhouse / Reproduction)Source: Blumhouse

Supernatural, by Blumhouse, is a franchise that bets on the presentation of parallel realities, in which human mediums try to communicate with spirits to satisfy personal desires. However, in all four films, canonical to each other, something goes very wrong and evil entities are invoked, generating good scares and many chills amidst the darkness and a terrifying and very well portrayed alternative plan.

7. Nightmare Hour (49%)

(Source: Warner Bros. / Reproduction)(Source: Warner Bros. / Reproduction)Source: Warner Bros.

The nightmare time is one of the biggest franchises in horror history and features nine movies, plus a television series and multimedia adaptations. Its plot focuses on the villain Freddy Krueger, a human condemned to torment young people and murder them in their deepest nightmares, which makes them die in their sleep. The saga is a classic and has a huge fan base, with many rating the protagonist as one of the best characters ever developed.

6. Killer Toy (54%)

(Source: Elevation Pictures / Reproduction)(Source: Elevation Pictures / Reproduction)Fonte:  Elevation Pictures

Killer toy is another classic franchise of the slasher subgenre, now starring an evil puppet who goes to great lengths to kill for free all the people who come close. Chucky has appeared in eight films that include reboots and canonical sequences, but always with a deadly instinct that scares through many grimaces, screams and a voice that easily chills anyone who hears it.

5. Invocation of Evil (55%)

(Source: Warner Bros. / Reproduction)(Source: Warner Bros. / Reproduction)Source: Warner Bros.

Total box office success around the world, the franchise Evil Invocation he revolutionized modern horror by creating the term Invocaverso, which consists of a compilation of canonical films and a series of spin-offs set in the same world as Ed and Lorraine Warren. In the main plot, consisting of three films, we follow the couple of demonologists on some of their main missions, when they are sent to supernatural investigations, exorcisms and to resolve unfinished business from the past.

4. Hannibal (63%)

(Source: MGM / Reproduction)(Source: MGM / Reproduction)Source: MGM

the award winning franchise Hannibal had five movies released, but gained traction with the original trilogy of Silence of the innocents, Hannibal e Red Dragon, starring Anthony Hopkins. The plot tells the story of Hannibal Lecter, a cannibal serial killer captured by the FBI and who starts to help, brilliantly, in solving crimes and controlling threats.

3. Panic (65%)

(Source: Lantern Capital / Reproduction)(Source: Lantern Capital / Reproduction)Fonte:  Lantern Capital

Ghostface, the iconic masked assassin who signs the posters for Panic, won four canonical films, and since 1996 has been disrupting the interior of California through mysterious phone calls and home invasions. With a knife in hand, ghost mask and black hood, the villain chases all the victims that come his way and only rests after killing them mercilessly and quickly.

2. Trilogy of the Dead, by George Romero (66%)

(Source: MGM / Reproduction)(Source: MGM / Reproduction)Source: MGM

The Trilogy of the Dead, by the legendary George A. Romero, introduced the world to the concept of the undead by reviving people from their tombs. The franchise focuses on presenting groups of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, while weaving relevant critiques on political and social issues ranging from racism to consumerism. Of course, all this without wasting a good dose of violence in the mold of classic trashes.

1. An Amazing Night (81%)

(Source: Warner Bros. / Reproduction)(Source: Warner Bros. / Reproduction)Source: Warner Bros.

Considered the father of trash movies, the movie A crazy night it was a low-budget work that explored practical effects, satire and an appeal to the grotesque, by presenting young people who awaken a demonic entity when they read a mysterious book in a cabin. With exaggerated violence, screaming everywhere and good scares, the work gained two sequels to end Ash’s story, as well as a series and a remake in 2013, which further extended the concept of the franchise and revitalized it for the times modern.

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