Top 10 franchises we want back in 2021

Another year that begins, and with it the expectation of the return of the franchise that were stuck in time. Whether due to licensing problems or even the end of their production companies, we all hope that 2021 marks the return of series that, so far, seem to have an unlikely return.

Voxel listed 10 franchises that would make our hearts warm if they returned this year, check out:

1 – Syphon Filter

The action series that appeared on PlayStation One is one of the most requested over the years. Innovative for the time, the first game featured agent Gabe Logan on missions that involved strategy, espionage and a lot of action.

Syphon FilterSyphon FilterSource: Push Square

The game won sequences on PSP and PS2. And even though it is one of Sony’s exclusive darling franchises, since 2007 it hasn’t received a new game. However, for us fans, the flame of hope remains lit.

two – Lost Planet

The first game in the Capcom franchise was released on Xbox 360 and PS3. It takes players to an icy planet, full of gigantic creatures, where you have to survive the cold and deal with the monsters. For this, you have weapons of considerable size and even giant robots to be piloted.

Lost PlanetLost PlanetSource: Microsoft

The next two games changed the main elements a lot and ended up dividing the opinion of their fans. But one thing is certain: everyone would like to see a new version in the current generation of consoles and PCs.

3 – Dino Crisis

The franchise that mixes elements of resident Evil with dinosaurs he finds himself around rumors. Over the years, there has always been news of a new game in development. But to date, Capcom has confirmed absolutely nothing.

Dino CrisisDino CrisisSource: YouTube

The game puts players in control of Regina, an agent who needs to escape from an island full of dinosaurs. Despite the huge success and popularity, since 2003 the series has not won a new chapter or a remastered version of its games.

4 – Dead Space

The space horror series was also launched in the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. In the control of engineer Isaac Clarke, you must survive the undead and aliens that have taken over a special base. For this, the character has a series of weapons, such as the curious Plasma Cutter and Disc Ripper.

Dead SpaceDead SpaceSource: EA

Despite being in increasing popularity, the franchise did not sell enough for Eletronic Arts to continue investing in more chapters. And with the closure of his studio, Visceral Games, the chances have become less and less. However, their fans still hope that a major publisher will return to invest in the beloved and original franchise.

Although the Metal Gear franchise is considered by many to be one of the most important in history, we haven’t had a title for a long time. Although the last game, Metal Gear Survive, was launched in 2018, many consider it irrelevant because it completely escapes what the franchise has always proposed.

Metal GearMetal GearSource: Microsoft

Konami recently announced a major restructuring of the company, while still producing its games. With that, many bet that the company does not walk very well, and even considered that the former director of the franchise, Hideo Kojima, could buy the rights to the franchise and produce a new game.

6 – Onimusha

Another Capcom franchise stalled in time, Onimusha was a huge success on the PS2 for mixing the famous resident Evil, with supernatural elements in Feudal Japan. The game puts you in control of the samurai Samanosuke Akechi, who must stop a demonic invasion.

OnimushaOnimushaSource: Tecmundo

Despite all the success in the 128-bit era, Onimusha never won a title since his fourth game. Capcom even released an “improved” version of the first chapter of the saga, but it was not very pleased to bring the same gameplay without any improvement to the current platforms.

7 – Fatal Frame

Koei Tecmo’s horror series revolutionized the 32-bit era by bringing a game different from the standard. In it, it was necessary to find spirits using a camera, in addition to (according to the company) all chapters are based on real stories.

Fatal FrameFatal FrameSource: Polygon

Although it started on the PS2 and Xbox, the franchise migrated to other consoles and had its last chapter released on the Nintendo Wii U (and now the series belongs to Nintendo along with Koei Tecmo). With the evolution of virtual reality glasses, it would be very interesting to play a new game in the series with this technological device. The scare would be guaranteed.

8 – Clock Tower

Another Capcom horror series that stopped in time. Clock Tower is considered by many to be the father of Survival Horror, as his goal in the game is to survive attacks by creatures and assassins. The third and final title was released on PS2, and we have never heard of the franchise since.

Clock Tower 3Clock Tower 3Source: YouTube

Games in this style have become popular in recent years. Amnesia and Slender are just some of the examples where Clock Tower could be based on your return. But neither would we be upset if the game were to ride another wave: cooperative horror games like Dead by Daylight. I would love to be the Scissorman chasing my victims in the match.

9 – Parasite Eve

The franchise that mixes action and RPG elements from Square Enix was one of the most famous of the 32-bit generation. Especially the second game, which brought elements of games like resident Evil and silent Hill, allied to the mechanics of the first game.

Parasite EveParasite EveSource: Kotaku

However, since the third title, released exclusively for PSP, there has been nothing more related to the franchise. After the success of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it is not too much to dream of a Parasite Eve Remake, right?

10 – silent Hill

If the hiatus since 2013 without a franchise game was not enough, Konami still put and took the candy from our mouths. That’s because in 2014 the game was announced Silent Hills, which would be produced by Hideo Kojima and would have the presence of actor Norman Reedus and director Guilhermo Del Toro.

silent Hillsilent HillSource: Gamerinformer

However, a year later, Konami canceled the project and fired Kojima. The following chapters everyone knows, but, we fans of silent Hill, we’re sucking fingers and with less and less hope that a new title, or even the canceled one Silent Hills, can come to life.

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