Top 10 franchises that can return in 2021

2020 has come to an end and many rumors have not materialized. However, many are betting on 2021 for the realization of much of this news, such as the arrival of a new GTA and a remake of the first Silent Hill.

Voxel has listed 10 franchises that are close to winning a new title this year, check out:

1 – GTA (GTA 6)

The one that is one of the most anticipated titles by millions of players, may arrive this year 2021. There are several rumors that point to the development of the game, including that it will be starring a female character for the first time.

GTA 6 can be released later this yearGTA 6 can be released later this yearSource: Twitter

However, it is worth remembering that the current chapter of the franchise, GTA 5, will still win a new version for the current generation of consoles, which may delay the arrival of the new game.

2 – Resident Evil: Revelations (RER 3)

Despite having a confirmed numeral title for this year (Resident Evil 8 Village), the Capcom franchise could win another game in 2021. Insider Dusk Golem went to Twitter to make a series of revelations about the game, and among them that Revelations 3 served as the basis for RE8 and that the game was 95% complete.

Resident Evil Revelation 3 may arrive soonResident Evil Revelation 3 may arrive soonSource: Steam

Another rumor is that the game would be exclusive to Nintendo Switch, just like the first game in the series Resident Evil Revelations, which first arrived on Nintendo 3DS.

3 – Titanfall (Titanfall 3)

Another franchise that may return this year is Titanfall. Early last year, many rumors pointed to an announcement very soon of a new game in the franchise. However, a few months later, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella denied the information.

There are many rumors that point to this year's announcement of Titanfall 3There are many rumors that point to this year’s announcement of Titanfall 3Source: Titanfall

Since the launch of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment focuses its efforts on updates to the game. However, in addition to the game not going as well as planned, it is high time that a new title hit the market.

4 – Bloodborne (Bloodborne 2)

Although the game’s producer, From Software, is working on a new game, Elden Ring, many players still believe that a continuation of Bloodborne will arrive in 2021.

Bloodborne may also be released for PCBloodborne may also be released for PCSource: NPR

However, the strongest rumor around the game is that it will be relaunched for other platforms like the PC. So far, the From Software game is exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

5 – Forza (Motorsport 8 or Horizon 5)

Before the 2020 Game Awards, the announcement of a new franchise game was already taken for granted Forza. However, almost two months later and nothing new about a chapter, be it from the series Horizon or Motosport.

Forza should win a new game in 2021Forza should win a new game in 2021Source: Microsoft

The curious thing is that Microsoft has always released a game of the franchise every year, taking turns between the series mentioned. However, even with a delay in launching exclusive titles for their consoles, there is little chance that 2021 will end up being the launch of a new game from their racing franchise.

6 – Spider-Man (Spider-Man 2)

Although Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been released in late 2020 for PS4 and PS5, it’s not exactly the second chapter in the series. The game is a kind of grandiose DLC, which continues the character saga within the game.

Spider-Man could win a sequel soonSpider-Man could win a sequel soonSource: Push Square

However, there is an expectation that the second chapter will reach Sony consoles very soon. So well that it would be released later this year 2021.

7 – Diablo (Diablo Immortal)

Although everyone is aware that Diablo 4 is in development, it is unlikely to arrive in 2021. However, fans will be able to play a mobile version of the franchise for the first time: Diablo Immortal.

Diablo ImmortalDiablo ImmortalSource: Tecmundo

The game, which will be free for iOS and Android, promises not to be lacking in its first mobile version. We have already tested the game and proved that it promises a lot. You can check out our detailed hands on by clicking on the link.

8 – Zelda (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2)

The most anticipated game for Nintendo Switch does not yet have a release date. However, there are many rumors that the continuation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be launched later this year.

Will Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 arrive in 2021?Will Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 arrive in 2021?Source: Denofgeek

It is worth remembering that the first game suffered a series of delays. So much so that originally it would be released on the Nintendo Wii U, but due to the postponements, it ended up also reaching the Nintendo Switch, which at the time of the game’s announcement did not even dream of reaching the market.

9 – Silent Hill (Silent Hill Remake)

Another game that can finally arrive in 2021 is the Silent Hill Remake. Konami does not walk very well, because of that, many bet that this would be the big card of the company that, today, only has PES as a great title in the current consoles.

Silent Hill can win a remake or have the Silent Hills chapter finally releasedSilent Hill can win a remake or have the Silent Hills chapter finally releasedSource: Gamerinformer

In addition, due to this crisis at Konami, other rumors suggest that Hideo Kojima would be interested in buying the franchise rights to finally launch Silent Hills, a game that was canceled as soon as the director was fired from the company.

10 – Gran Turismo 7 (Gran Turismo)

The game was one of the first announced for the PS5. However, since that announcement, little has been seen or said about Gran Turismo 7. However, however long it takes to arrive, it is unlikely to be postponed until next year.

Gran Turismo 7 has been announced, but has no release date yetGran Turismo 7 has been announced, but has no release date yetSource: Wccftech

What weighs negatively is that the franchise has a history of delays. Other games in the series were slow to arrive on their respective platforms, such as Gran Turismo 5, which took about 6 years to finally be released on PS3.

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