Tomašević warned his colleagues: The more you shout, the more drops go in both directions

KORONAVIRUS, refugee crisis and borders, security policy, defense, domestic policy, campaign, territorial reorganization … these are all topics dealt with by the guests of the confrontation on RTL.

The guests were HDZ’s Davor Božinović, Mostar’s Nikola Grmoja, SDP’s Zlatko Komadina, Stjepo Bartulica from the Homeland Movement and Tomislav Tomašević from the list led by the We Can! Platform.

Is Croatia a safe country?

“Yes and no. It depends from which angle you look. The corona crisis has shown that we are not as sure as we thought. And this date, July 5, which has been imposed is becoming more and more of a problem. The campaign cannot take place under normal circumstances “Events are already being canceled and that is the problem. After Zadar, the news went out into the world,” Bartulica said.

Bozinovic said Croatia was safer than it was. “Mr. Bartulica follows the news from the world and certainly with the global pandemic, especially in the USA, where he comes from, Croatia is safe for the elections. We are in the midst of a pandemic, when we talk about the election date this was the best moment considering the epidemiological situation at the time of the announcement and given what people who know about it say, scientists, that autumn is problematic given the rate of virus spread at a time when respiratory infections are more common than usual. the situation is more favorable than in the fall, “Bozinovic said.

Wire at the borders?

BARTULICA: I support the work of the Croatian police, but we see … These are not refugees from countries affected by the war, but migrants who come from different parts of the world, who do not respect the borders of the countries they want to enter.

He did not directly answer the question of whether, like Orban, he would raise the wire.

BARTULICA: The Hungarian people know best what kind of leadership they need and how to determine the situation on their borders. Obviously they recognized this as an important issue, they want to protect themselves and Orban still enjoys their trust.

BOŽINOVIĆ: It is very difficult to have a dialogue like this because the basic concepts are mixed here. When we talk about asylum, it is for refugees. These people do not want to seek asylum, they want to cross Croatia illegally and move on to the EU, and of course Croatia, like any sovereign country, does not allow its territory to be entered illegally.

When we talk about a European solution, it is something in which we participate, and in order to reach a solution, everyone must agree, and we have big differences among the members. In the meantime, Croatia must do everything to protect itself, and we have done that. As a minister, I inherited a border with BiH where there was almost nothing. The SDP government has not withdrawn a penny from EU funds.

Sparks between Božinović and Grmoja

At one point in tonight’s confrontation on RTL, there was a spark between Božinović and Grmoja, the reason was the return of stricter measures to the borders with BiH and Serbia.

BOŽINOVIĆ: New patients, the first cases that came, came from outside, mostly from Serbia and BiH. What we have said several times already is to monitor the situation so that epidemiologists detect where the newly infected come from. These are mostly entries from BiH and Serbia. These measures are justified, but they do not mean the complete closure of borders.

GRMOJA: The measures are by no means justified.

BOŽINOVIĆ: They are medically justified.

GRMOJA: No, you cannot claim that a greater danger comes from BiH than from Italy.

BOŽINOVIĆ: You claim that if we had, you are telling inaccuracies, I am telling you …

GRMOJA: I know you are nervous because I am telling the truth …

BOŽINOVIĆ: I’m not nervous, the point is that new cases did not come to us from Italy.

GRMOJA: Will you let me go? Shameful statement of Minister Božinović where he called our compatriots in BiH our eastern neighbors.

BOŽINOVIĆ: That is not true …

Tomašević intervened and warned his colleagues about epidemiological measures. “I would warn my colleagues that the more they shout, the more drops go in both directions, so for the purpose of epidemiological measures …”, Tomašević said on RTL.

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