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A Nuuvem started, this Wednesday (13), a promotion with more than 1,500 games. Until April 21, you can find titles for PC, including recent releases like Elden Ring, God of War e Ghostwire: Tokyo, with discounts of up to 95%. In addition to traditional offers, the store offers coupons to buy games, gift cards and microtransactions on consoles and cell phones.

Elden Ring (Image: Handout/Bandai Namco)
Elden Ring (Image: Handout/Bandai Namco)

Nuuvem’s April sale could be a good opportunity to secure the latest PC releases at lower prices. Elden Ringfor example, is costing R$ 224,49 — lowest price for the game since its debut at the end of February this year. In our review, we highlight that the game is the pinnacle of FromSoftware, despite technical flaws.

You can also buy the PC version of God of War for R$ 169,99. The latest chapter in the story of the demigod Kratos was exclusive to PS4, but it hit computers in January of this year, with all the additional content available on Sony’s consoles.

Released March 25, 2022, Ghostwire: Tokyo I went for R$ 183,49 in the promotion of Nuuvem. The action game from Tango Gameworks — responsible for the franchise The Evil Within — tells the story of Akito, a young man with paranormal powers whose mission is to fight evil spirits and save the city of Tokyo, Japan.

In addition to these three highlights, Nuuvem offers discounts on Resident Evil Village, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, NBA 2K22, and many other games. You can also guarantee special prices through packages Nuuvem Select Bronze, Silver or Gold, which cost R$46.99, R$69.99 and R$99.99, respectively.

To access the complete catalog of the promotion, simply access the Nuuvem website.

Nuuvem offers discount coupons for PC and consoles

Nuuvem customers can still use the coupon 20SALVAR to get an extra BRL 20 off the entire PC game catalog on the platform, with the exception of Nuuvem Select packages. The code, however, is limited and only works on purchases from R$ 100.

Those who play on console and mobile can also take advantage of Nuuvem’s promotion. Until April 21st, the store offers 5% off with the coupon GAMERSNUU5 in PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo games, subscriptions and gift cards, as well as in microtransactions for mobile games. To use the code, it is necessary to finalize the payment in cash by Pix or bank slip.

Check out the best offers from Nuuvem’s April promotion below:

Match Current price Discount
Days Gone R$ 87,49 56%
Death Stranding Director’s Cut R$ 142,99 10%
Death’s Door R$ 29,99 39%
Deathloop R$ 119,99 51%
Distant Worlds 2 R$ 79,99 14%
DOOM Eternal R$ 64,99 56%
Eastward R$ 36,49 23%
Elden Ring R$ 224,49 10%
Ghostwire: Tokyo R$ 183,49 12%
God of War R$ 169,99 14%
Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition R$ 31,99 52%
Hitman – Game of The Year Edition R$ 25,99 77%
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition R$ 84,99 57%
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga R$ 183,99 8%
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition R$ 7,50 94%
Monster Hunter Rise R$ 109,99 38%
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy R$ 64,99 70%
NBA 2K22 R$ 94,99 68%
Resident Evil Village R$ 79,99 55%
Tales of Arise R$ 149,99 40%

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