TNT Series: 10 best series to watch on the channel

TNT Séries is a channel known for displaying incredible programming on its grid, especially when we talk about investigative series.

To help you choose what to watch on TNT Series, we’ve prepared an unmissable selection of the best series to watch on the channel. Write them all down and start the marathon as soon as possible!

10. Account Settlement

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The show features a team of extremely good people with technology who use that knowledge to attack wealthy groups and redirect the money they earn to those in need. A kind of Robin Hood of modernity.

Even though it was canceled in 2012, Accounts Settlement remains among one of the most popular series of the TNT Series to date.

9. CSI

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For those who like series with a lot of suspense and investigation, it’s impossible not to know CSI. The production has several derivations, such as CSI New York e CSI Miami, but they all have a common structure: investigators try to solve twisted crimes while dealing with their own personal problems.

Even though it seems like something basic, the series remains unbeatable in the genre.

8. Southland: The City of Crime

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As CSI, Southland it also shows the life of a team of detectives looking to solve crimes. However, the series focuses much more on the emotional aspects of each character, such as the relationship with the family and the mysteries about sexuality.

It’s a production that features big names in the cast, including Regina King, Michael Cudlitz and Ben McKenzie.

7. Saving Grace

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For those who like the supernatural genre, Saving Grace is a great option. The series tells the story of Grace, a woman who lives life to the fullest without thinking about her own attitudes, until the day she runs over a man and starts crying out to God for help.

After that, an angel is sent to her in order to show her that maintaining the current lifestyle can lead to hell. With that, Grace tries, little by little, to restructure her actions.

6. Rizzoli and Isles

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Rizzoli and Isles is perfect for those who like productions with strong and empowered characters capable of solving several big problems with the power of investigation.

The lead duo is made up of two very opposite women, but who manage to put their differences aside and be great friends. Furthermore, they unite their knowledge for the good of the city while arresting various criminals.

5. Animal Kingdom

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After his mother’s death from an overdose, Joshua needs a new place to live and that’s how he meets the rest of his family. To her surprise, it is made up of several tough people who are heavily involved in criminal activities — even her grandmother.

It’s a series about growth, discoveries and many dangerous adventures.

4. Tomorrow’s Express

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The series follows the Snowpiercer, a train that is always moving because the Earth has become a very cold and uninhabitable place. So people grow up with the idea that there’s no one out there but them.

However, a group of rebels is trying to change that as they fight the leaders who win while the population is kept in darkness.

3. The rhythm of Memphis

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There are several series centered on researchers and all the drama of the chosen profession. The Rhythm of Memphis, however, goes in the opposite direction by relying on a lighter, more relaxed approach focused on Detective Dwight Hendricks.

2. Murder in the First

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A murder takes place and the victim is apparently a drug addict. Everything seems to be common to the investigators’ work, but the plot takes a new turn when the team discovers that the murdered man had ties to an important CEO.

The story has great twists and shows how appearances can be deceiving.

1. Criminal Division

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Major homicide cases are assigned to the Priority Homicide Division, led by Detective Brenda Leigh Johnson. She is a woman full of quirks, but she doesn’t let anyone belittle her competence.

In practice, Johnson gets everyone’s attention because he gets confessions easier than others. It may seem like magic, but it was a long process of self-knowledge for her to be able to understand how others work.

What is your favorite series from the TNT Series programming?

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