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A TIM announced a partnership to bring the Apple Music for free to your customers. According to the operator this Friday (18), in addition to the free period, users can use the music streaming platform of Apple without discounting the data plan. Free is valid for some plans for a limited time.

Customers of some TIM plans are entitled to six months of free Apple Music (Image: Brett Jordan / Unsplash)

The novelty continues the offer of the free streaming platform to the operator’s customers. In January, TIM started to offer six months of free subscription to subscribers of TIM Black Família, TIM Black and TIM Controle. Now, music playback will also not affect users’ data plans.

“In addition to the monthly fee exemption during the promotional period, customers will be able to use Apple Music without consuming internet from the plans’ data package“, they said in a press release this Friday (18). But the operator did not specify whether the benefit is only available during the promotional period or whether it will be maintained.

Also according to TIM CEO Alberto Griselli, the company also hopes to expand its partnership with Apple in 2022.

“Customers will be able to use Apple Music without consuming internet from the data package”, says TIM (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

TIM: how to get six months of free Apple Music?

Activation of the promotion is done in two ways. The first takes place via SMS: the customer can send a message with the word “MUSIC” to 7777. Then, after receiving the confirmation, the user only needs to complete the contract by replying with the word “YES” and accessing the link received. posteriorly.

It is also possible to enable it through the TIM Store in the Meu Tim app. Another alternative is through the operator’s website: tim.com.br.

In addition, after the six-month promotional period, postpaid plan customers can choose to include the subscription amount on their bill or pay via credit card. In the control plans, the charge can be deducted from the recharge credit balance. The price is for an individual Apple Music subscription: BRL 16.90.

“If you already have the Apple Music service with Apple, you can contract the service with TIM and use the six months free of charge without any restrictions”, says the TIM website.

Apple Music: individual plan costs R$16.90 (Image: Ronaldo Gogoni/Tecnoblog)
Apple Music: individual plan costs R$16.90 (Image: Ronaldo Gogoni/Tecnoblog)

Apple Music Individual costs R$16.90 a month

The offer is an attractive benefit to those who use Apple products. By adding up the six months without paying Apple Music during the promotional period, the user saves an amount of BRL 101.40. That is, taking into account the most basic TIM Black plan with twelve-month loyalty, it is almost the value of a monthly fee for DDD 21, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ): R$ 109.99.

After the promotional period, the user continues to pay the amount. But Apple offers other options in addition to the individual subscription, which costs R$ 16.90, to be subscribed by iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices that support the streaming platform. It is the case of university plan, which has a special value of R$ 8.50 per month. already the family signature It costs R$ 24.90 per month.

If you are a user of two or more Apple products, it is also worth taking a look at the Apple One. The subscription package brings together both Apple Music and Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade in a single monthly fee. To spare, the user still takes home up to 2 TB of iCloud space.

Check the plans:

Specifications Individual Familiar Premium
Apple Music Sim Sim Sim
Apple TV+ Sim Sim Sim
Apple Arcade Sim Sim Sim
Apple Fitness+ No No Sim
iCloud Storage 50 GB 200 GB 2 TB
family sharing No up to five people up to five people
Value BRL 26.50/month BRL 37.90/month BRL 69.50/month

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