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A TIM Live has a new promotion for the Black Friday: those who subscribe to 600 Mb/s or 1 Gb/s broadband will receive a discount of up to 31% on the fixed internet monthly fee. The plans also include subscription to Netflix and Paramount+.

TIM Live has a new fiber optic plan with a speed of 1 Gb/s
TIM Live has a new fiber optic plan with a speed of 1 Gb/s (Image: Playback)

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🔵 Black Friday da TIM Live em 2021

This is how TIM Live prices on Black Friday 2021 were:

download speed upload speed monthly price Discount
600 Mb / s 300 Mb / s Regular price: R$ 170,10
Black Friday price: R$ 122,85
1 Gb/s 500 Mb / s Regular price: R$ 193,80
Black Friday price: R$ 132,60

All prices above are valid for contracting until November 30, 2021. Values ​​are only valid for automatic debit, and whoever opts for the conventional bank slip will pay more.

An important detail that should be noted is that TIM charges a activation fee of R$ 180, installments in 12 installments of R$ 15. The subscription of the plan also implies the fidelity over the period of one year, and whoever cancels broadband before the period will have to pay a penalty for early termination of the contract.

For those who don’t feel the need for such speed, it is possible to subscribe to the internet with 300 Mb/s download and 150 Mb/s upload for R$ 93.50 monthly, or broadband with 500 Mb/s download and 250 Mb /s upload with a monthly fee of R$108. These plans did not enter the 2021 Black Friday and have been marketed by TIM since the month of October.

🤔 Is it worth it to hire 600 Mb/s or 1 Gb/s TIM Live?

Exaggerations aside, signing the higher speeds might make sense. Both the 600 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s plans include Netflix Standard subscription, which normally costs R$ 39.90 per month when hired separately.

500 Mb/s, 600 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s packages also include Paramount+, which is sold separately for R$19.90 monthly. The more expensive 1 Gb/s plan still gives access to the Deezer Premium, which separately costs R$19.90 monthly.

Compared to other operators, you can say that TIM Live’s 1 Gb/s broadband is a bargain. THE Of course charges BRL 399.99 per month for the similar plan (but with low upload in regions served by coaxial cable), while Oi Fibra gigabit costs BRL 499.99 per month with automatic debit payment.

Black Friday promotions must be valid for any type of customer, be it an existing TIM Live customer or purchase a new installation. This is what determines an Anatel resolution:

All offers, including those of a promotional nature, must be available for contracting by all interested parties, including the Provider’s Consumers, without distinction based on the date of adhesion or any other form of discrimination within the geographic area of ​​the offer.

Article 46 of Anatel Resolution 632/2014

It is important to observe all conditions before changing the plan. For example, if there is a loyalty period in the current package, the customer may be required to pay a penalty for early termination of the contract to join the new offer.

TIM Live’s own promotion regulation already highlights that current service customers are eligible for the Black Friday offer, as long as they are in good standing with the operator and accept the terms of the new contract.

But an important one is regarding the technology of the service provision. In some locations, TIM offers broadband service via metallic cables (xDSL), and plans above 100 Mb/s are only available in areas served by optical fiber (FTTH).

If you meet all the prerequisites and still find it difficult to adhere to offers in traditional service channels, find out how to complain at Anatel or at Consumidor.gov.br.

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