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THE TIM Live updated its fixed internet portfolio and started selling speeds of 500 Mb / s and 600 Mb / s with fiber optic technology. With the novelty, the operator must compete with Claro, Oi and Vivo Fibra. See the prices and understand the particularities of each package.

TIM Live now has plans of up to 600 Mb / s (Image: Reproduction)

Thus were TIM Live’s plans. Prices are valid for payment by automatic debit in São Paulo (DDD 11); the values ​​may vary depending on the location:

Download speed Upload speed Monthly price
60 Mb / s 30 Mb / s R $ 80.50
400 Mb / s 200 Mb / s R $ 127.50
500 Mb / s 250 Mb / s R $ 139.50
600 Mb / s 300 Mb / s R $ 179.55

TIM is betting on additional services to win new broadband customers. Whoever contracts speeds from 500 Mb / s will have a subscription to the Paramount +, while the 600 Mb / s package includes Netflix in the Standard plane.

In addition to the streaming services, there are other applications included that vary according to the plan, such as TNT Sports Stadium, Cartoon Network, Babbel, TIM Games Club, TIM Segurança Digital and Audiobook.

It is worth remembering that TIM Live already sold plans greater than 400 Mb / s in 2019: it had an Internet package of 1 Gb / s for R $ 860 per month and 2 Gb / s for R $ 1,560 per month. However, the operator preferred to simplify the broadband portfolio and discontinued some speeds.

The asterisks of the TIM Live broadband

There are some important points that must be considered before hiring a broadband plan from TIM Live.

The main thing is that those who do not choose to pay by automatic debit will have a different speed than what is disclosed in the offers, depending on the chosen plan. The 400 Mb / s plan actually has only 200 Mb / s, but the customer receives twice as much internet in tasting format; the same occurs in the option of 500 Mb / s, when the original contract has only 300 Mb / s.

The exclusive condition for automatic debit can exclude potential interested parties, since not all banks are accredited by TIM. Those who do not fit this form of payment may have a lower speed depending on the plan, and the monthly fee is also more expensive.

Another negative point is that TIM charges an activation fee of R $ 180 for plans with optical fiber technology, paid in 12 installments on the invoice, and there is a one-year loyalty with a fine in case of cancellation. Competitors Claro, Oi and Vivo do not charge for the installation.

The broadband plans of Claro, Oi and Vivo

Claro NET Virtua

THE Of course reformulated its broadband portfolio in April and started selling the internet with 500 Mb / s download and 35 Mb / s for the monthly price of R $ 179.99. The operator also sells a 250 Mb / s download and 25 Mb / s upload plan for R $ 119.99 per month.

Hi Fiber

THE Hi Fiber has plans that vary according to the location. The operator started internet sales of 500 Mb / s of download and 250 Mb / s of upload for R $ 129.90 per month in São Paulo (SP), already including a landline.

In the other capitals, Oi Fibra has a 200 Mb / s download and 60 Mb / s upload package for R $ 99.99 per month, in addition to the 400 Mb / s download plan and 200 Mb / s upload per R $ 149.90 monthly.

Where Oi competes with Brisanet, fiber offers are aggressive: the company has 100 Mb / s internet download and 40 Mb / s upload for R $ 79.90 per month, in addition to the 500 Mb / plan s of download and 250 Mb / s of upload for R $ 99.90.

Vivo Fibra

THE Vivo Fibra has a plan with 600 Mb / s download and 300 Mb / s upload, but the monthly fee of R $ 299.99 is quite salty compared to TIM Live. The company also has 200 Mb / s download and 100 Mb / s upload for R $ 119.99 per month or 300 Mb / s download and 150 Mb / s upload for R $ 129.90 monthly, and whoever chooses for the package with 600 Mb / s download and 300 Mb / s upload you will pay R $ 299.99 per month.

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