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TIM has just launched the TIM Fun, a rewards program for the operator’s customers with prepaid or TIM Beta plans. Users can accumulate points when interacting with advertising, and rewards can be exchanged for internet packages, calls or SMS.

TIM Fun even occupies lock screen with advertising in exchange for free 4G (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

The new TIM Fun was launched in partnership with the company Play2Pay, which uses programmatic media to provide advertising to the user. This is yet another bet by the operator to expand advertising revenue: the TIM Ads platform already reaches more than 15 million customers – around 25% of the company’s entire subscriber base – who respond to surveys or interact with ads on 4G internet bonus exchange.

TIM Fun has targeted advertising in exchange for data

TIM’s transformation director, Leonardo Siqueira, revealed to the Techblog that TIM Fun works with programmatic media: “The customer has [no aplicativo] a kind of Tinder, like and dislike. If it has misdirected advertising, it discards. It needs to make sense to the user, it can’t be something invasive that you send a single content to everyone”, he comments.

Siqueira argues that TIM Fun is a very powerful tool for the operator, as it manages to engage the customer with a tangible benefit such as the internet bonus. The executive claims that the data collected stays with the operator, while Play2Pay retains anonymous information for app improvements.

The data used by TIM Fun is not deducted from the user’s internet package, but care must be taken: several “missions” to earn virtual coins involve downloading third-party applications from the Play Store, including games. The executive claims that there is no way to differentiate data traffic from the app store, and therefore the download is charged according to the customer’s plan.

A detail of TIM Fun is that the app is available exclusively for Android, at least at launch. Siqueira says the App Store’s strict rules make it difficult to create a similar app for the iPhone. Apple’s app store bans apps that offer a financial incentive in exchange for permission to release tracking.

What’s in TIM Fun?

Although I’m not a TIM customer, I was able to use TIM Fun around here: right away, the application doesn’t require registration or authentication with the operator’s line, but starts showing ads from the very first steps. The customer can choose what his interests are, like cars, sports, education, games or travel, for example.

To ensure more rewards at TIM Fun, the user will have to use the app with a certain frequency: “The idea is that it should be a very recurrent application for the user and have a high engagement”, says Siqueira.

Even Banco Inter has tasks in TIM Fun: whoever downloads the bank's app and enters the CPF receives coins

Even Banco Inter has tasks at TIM Fun: whoever downloads the bank’s app and enters the CPF receives coins (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

One of the ways to earn coins at TIM Fun is to receive offers on the lock screen: every 24 hours, 1,000 points are credited to the app. It is possible to pause the ads at any time and ignore the displayed advertising, but this way the user does not accumulate benefits.

For now, TIM Fun’s advertisements involve downloading applications and performing specific tasks: whoever downloads the Banco Inter app and adds the CPF number earns 7,745 points, for example.

Most of the actions available at this first moment involve downloading games: each minute in Coin Master earns 219 points in TIM Fun. Those who choose to play Lords Mobile can reach up to 93,500 points, depending on the tasks performed – one of which one of them involves a purchase with real money.

How much are TIM Fun coins worth?

With TIM Fun, it is possible to redeem up to 2.5 GB of internet for free, depending on the score exchanged in the app. See the equivalence table:

Number of points internet bonus Package validity
1,000 points 50 MB 1 day
2000 points 100 MB 1 day
5,000 points 250 MB 1 day
10,000 points 500 MB 2 days
20,000 points 1 GB 4 days
30,000 points 1.5 GB 6 days
40,000 points 2 GB 8 days
50,000 points 2.5 GB 10 days
TIM Fun points redemption screen

TIM Fun points redemption screen (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

In addition to the internet package, the bonus also allows sending SMS and unlimited calls to TIM numbers. As a promotional form, all users who download TIM Fun for the first time will have 1 GB free, valid for four days.

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