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A decade in charge of Apple, Tim Cook he is expected to retire in 2025, when the payment for 1 million shares of the company’s shares—somewhere around $153 million—to keep him in the company ends. According to the Bloomberg, there are internal rumors that the CEO just wants to stick around until the launch of a “new product category”, which could be the augmented reality glasses, slated to be released in 2025.

Tim Cook at Fortune CEO Initiative 2018 (Image: Stuart Isset/Fortune)

Under Cook’s command, Apple shares jumped 1,000%

In 2011, Tim Cook, then Steve Jobs’s executive director of operations, had the arduous mission of assuming the boss’s chair: it was Jobs who defined Apple to the world and was ahead of the brand’s main launches, such as the iPhone and iPad line.

But the replacement at first sight has gained ground and played a key role in Apple’s expansion in hardware, with the Apple Watch and other adjustable devices, and in services, a part of the company that assumes an increasingly important role with each quarterly result. Without Tim Cook, the company would not have had a 1,000% increase in the price of its shares on Nasdaq.

Now, according to journalist Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, there are several names of executives tipped to assume the mantle of CEO of Apple. This because cook it just wants to hold the job until the next launch of a “new product category,” whether it’s the augmented reality glasses or the smart car without a steering wheel and pedals — the latter is an even more distant project than the former.

Possible replacements for Apple CEO

Whoever takes over Apple’s operations will also have control of a veritable empire, in terms of workforce: the company has more than 100,000 employees around the world. Some of the executives quoted to assume the position of cook have a lot of time at home, as is the case with Greg Joshua, one of Steve Jobs’ main allies in building the brand, and Deirdre O’Brien, for 30 years in the house.

Check out the list of top names and profiles of executives who may assume the role of chief executive of Apple after the retirement of Tim Cook, in 2025, according to Bloomberg:

  • Greg Joshua: “Joz” is the nickname of joswiak inside Apple, of which he has been an employee for more than 20 years. joswiak he is without a doubt one of the main minds behind the company’s successful marketing strategy. If Apple favors someone who is product-oriented and experienced, Joswiak could be the next CEO.
  • Craig Federigh: He was the main presenter at WWDC 2021. Federighi has been doing a good job at the head of Apple’s software engineering division. He must not step down to pursue Cook’s job.
  • John Ginnandrea: He is the latest member to join Tim Cook’s team, leaving Google in 2018. He specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and has been taking on important projects at Apple, such as the autonomous car.
  • Luca Maestri: He, who is Apple’s chief financial officer, presented the company’s Q2 results alongside Cook. At the time, Maestri he’s also doing well in his post, and shouldn’t let him become CEO.
  • Deirdre O’Brien: Apple career employee, O’Brien is head of Apple’s HR department, which has struggled to convince employees to return to face-to-face work. Despite the present context, she led the launch of the brand’s first physical stores, and became retail director in 2019.
  • Jeff Williams: Is one of the favorites to take on the mantle of cook when he retires. He already has the confidence of the current head of Apple, being responsible for the entire supply chain and chief operating officer — position of cook in the “era Steve Jobs“. He also oversees the evolution of Apple Watch hardware and software on a daily basis.

Jeff Williams, one of the top names for future Apple CEO (Image: Apple/Publishing)
  • Kate Adams: Apple’s Leading Lawyer and Legal Advisor, Adams it can be a surprising choice, as you have little time at home.
  • Eddy Cue: Bloomberg journalist does not believe that cue should take over as CEO of Apple. Like some executives, he plays a key role in the company’s services sector, overseeing Apple TV+, Fitness+ and Apple News, and iCloud, among others. cue he even has some names planned to succeed him within the company.
  • Sabih Khan: Apple’s fixation with the company’s Operations arm could benefit Sabih Khan. He is tipped to take over Tim Cook, right behind Jeff Williams, veteran of the same industry. But it’s three years younger than Williams, and may be a bet that has more time in charge.
  • Johny Srouji: Srouji’s team is vital to Apple’s operations over the past decade and to product innovation: the team oversees chips for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and most recently the Mac. company history, when Apple bought Intel’s modem business for $1 billion.
  • John Ternus: Is the youngest member of Apple’s top echelon. tender he could have a long tenure as CEO of the company if he took the job. He’s been director of hardware for just over a year, with responsibility for the iPhone, and Airpods — and the Mac and iPad long before that.

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