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THE TIM renewed the postpaid portfolio TIM Black, which now has more internet, international roaming in countries in the Americas and accumulation of unused mobile data for next month. The new packages continue with unlimited social networks, but no longer include an exclusive franchise for streaming services as in previous plans.

These are the new plans:

Data package Internet buildup Americas international roaming Monthly payment
15 GB No No Without loyalty: R $ 109.99
With fidelity: R $ 129,99
20 GB Yes Yes Without loyalty: R $ 124.99
With fidelity: R $ 144.99
25 GB Yes Yes Without loyalty: R $ 149.99
With fidelity: R $ 169.99

All options include free calls to any operator (including DDD), free SMS and national roaming. The plan also includes unlimited access to WhatsApp (except calls), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, customers have premium Deezer subscription with use without discounting the franchise. The subscription also includes the TIM Banca Virtual, TIM Segurança Digital and Skeelo applications.

In previous plans, traffic from Telegram, Waze and Easy did not discount the main franchise, but TIM removed the applications in the new portfolio. Another important change is the end of the franchise for video partners: in the old format, whoever hired the 10 GB package also had an extra 10 GB to use with Netflix, YouTube, Looke, Cartoon Network Já and Esporte Interativo Plus.

An advantage of the new TIM Black is the accumulation of the unused franchise for the following month, but the mechanics are only present in options with 20 GB or more. Another highlight is that the monthly fee can be paid by boleto or credit card. The previous portfolio differentiated quantities, amounts and benefits according to the form of payment.

Pranks on TIM Black international roaming

One of the advantages of the new TIM Black is international roaming included. The service is only available on the 20 GB and 25 GB plans, and it is possible to use the smartphone when traveling to Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

Having international roaming included in the service plan is an excellent benefit, but whoever hires the new TIM Black needs to be aware of the details: the package does not include voice calls or SMS, that is, you will continue to pay the one-off fee to make and receive traditional calls. In Argentina, for example, the minute costs R $ 2.49 (both to call and to receive) and the SMS sent costs R $ 0.89.

Another point is that TIM promises 20 GB or 25 GB of internet abroad, but not quite: whoever contracts the 20 GB plan is entitled to 30 daily 700 MB, while the TIM Black 25 GB has a maximum of 800 MB per day. After the end of the data package, the navigation speed is reduced to 128 kb / s until the next day.

International roaming at Claro, Vivo and Oi

In competition, Claro’s postpaid service already includes the Americas Passport since the cheapest version. The customer uses the same deductible as the Brazilian plan, without daily limitation, in addition to being able to make and receive unlimited calls and SMS to numbers in Brazil or the destination country.

Vivo includes roaming rates in some of its plans, with no limit on days depending on the package. The customer has between 500 MB and 1 GB of internet per day according to the destination, in addition to 50 minutes to make calls and receive unlimited calls. In the options with unlimited daily rates for the Americas, Vivo’s service works in any country in the region, while Claro and TIM restrict access to only 18 countries.

Oi has a single postpaid service with international roaming: for R $ 129.90, the customer contracts the plan with 100 GB of internet and is entitled to 10 GB per month to use in the United States (and only there). Like TIM, calls are charged separately.

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