TIM Beta monthly costs R $ 60; see alternatives

Prices of TIM Beta increased: from now on, the monthly plan goes from R $ 55 to R $ 60. The readjustment was foreseen since February 2020, but the operator decided to keep the old price during the last months due to the pandemic. To join the plan, it is necessary to get an invitation from another user or make successive recharges of R $ 30. Learn about the alternatives of Claro, Vivo and Oi.

The new price can now be found on the TIM Beta official website. The adjustment affects only the monthly plan; weekly and daily options remain at the same rates.

Category Monthly plan
Beta Basic 1.5 GB of internet
500 minutes of calls
Beta 10 GB of internet
600 minutes of calls
Beta Lab 20 GB of internet
2,000 minutes of calls
Value R $ 60 per month

Weekly and monthly plan customers are also entitled to a free Deezer Premium and SMS account for any operator. The monthly Beta also includes WhatsApp without discounting the franchise (excluding calls) and access to Babbel.

Who makes recharges of R $ 60 through C6 Bank also guarantees 4 GB of bonus. It is possible to get up to 3 GB of extra internet through the TIM + Advantages program while maintaining consecutive top-ups of at least R $ 30.

TIM eases adherence to TIM Beta

TIM Beta has always been a closed plan and requires invitations to join, but the company has made access more flexible. To guarantee the plan, it is necessary to register in the plan’s app on the App Store or Google Play and recharge at least R $ 30 for four consecutive months. Recharges need to be made through digital channels, such as the Meu TIM app, the operator’s website and bank applications.

While the invitation does not arrive, the customer remains on the TIM Pré Top plan, which delivers 3 GB of internet per month, 9 GB to use during the night and unlimited calls for R $ 50.

Alternatives to TIM Beta

It is undeniable that TIM Beta lost the relevance that it had in the past, since other operators launched competitive plans and a large data package.

Claro Flex

One of the most obvious choices for former TIM Beta users is Claro Flex. It is a digital control plan, with membership and maintenance made exclusively through an application and payment is made by credit cards. There are two package options:

  • 8 GB: $ 39.99
  • 10 GB: $ 49.99

Claro Flex plans include unlimited calls to any operator in Brazil and unlimited access to WhatsApp (including audio and video calls), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The company’s fixed broadband customers also guarantee an extra 2 GB of internet every month.

Vivo Easy

THE Vivo Easy it is a digital plane with different mechanics than usual. All hiring and maintenance is done through the app, and the customer can purchase internet gigas, calls and daily rates for apps that do not have an expiration date. Payment is made exclusively by credit card.

The plan makes sense for those who don’t make a lot of calls and for those who use little or a lot of mobile internet, since the data packages are good value for money. It is possible to buy 100 GB for R $ 299.90 and enjoy for several days, months or years; the package also guarantees R $ 100 in cashback that can be used to buy unlimited app nights or calls.

Vivo Turbo

Vivo’s conventional prepaid is also a good alternative. The plans include unlimited calls to any operator and WhatsApp without discounting the franchise (except audio and video calls):

  • the biweekly Vivo Turbo with 4 GB costs R $ 19.99, that is, they are 8 GB in the month for R $ 39.98;
  • the weekly Vivo Turbo with 3 GB costs R $ 14.99. Considering that a month has four weeks, this represents 12 GB for R $ 59.96.

In addition to the main package, the operator grants a bonus of 1 GB for those who accumulate R $ 35 in recharges. It is possible to hire separate packages to use with social networks, streaming services and during the night or the weekend.

Oi Pre and Control

Oi is very aggressive with its plans: it is possible to contract a monthly prepaid with 8 GB for R $ 25. The package entitles you to unlimited calls to any operator and unlimited access to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

In control, there is another plan with 12 GB of internet (16 GB during the first six months) for R $ 49.90 on credit card, with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram without discounting the franchise.

All plans and values ​​refer to São Paulo (DDD 11) and may vary depending on the location.

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