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The latest redesign of TIM Beta was controversial for withdrawing access to the Deezer Premium, but TIM went back and re-established the streaming application in the plan. The operator also announced the Deezer Go, version with limitations of the music service that is free for TIM Pré Top customers.

Deezer returns to TIM Beta and prepaid (Image: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)

Deezer Premium back to TIM Beta

Deezer has always been one of the main attractions of TIM Beta, since users of the plan had free access to the premium version of the music application.

The December 2020 reformulation brought an internet franchise for apps, late night bonuses and unlimited calling. Former users of the plan who wanted to switch to the new TIM Beta would have Deezer Premium guaranteed for only six months, with no perspective on what the future would be like.

In an interview with Techblog, TIM’s marketing head, João Stricker, commented on Deezer’s return to the plan: “When we threatened to remove Deezer from TIM Beta, there was a big repercussion. It was very important feedback from customers who showed the importance of the app”.

Today’s announcement gives more security to users of the plan, who now have access to Deezer and have up to 20 GB of internet per month for a monthly fee of R$60. The Premium version in partnership with TIM allows the customer to choose the songs that will listen and save content for offline listening on a device.

TIM Pré Top has new Deezer Go at no additional cost

In addition to the traditional application, TIM announced the arrival of Deezer Go with exclusivity for TIM Pré Top prepaid customers. The service can be used on any line of the plan that has an active recharge, and allows the user to listen to music without advertisements.

However, Deezer Go is quite different from Deezer Premium and imposes some important limitations: the albums and playlists chosen by the user are played only in random mode, being possible to skip songs only six times per hour. Changing tracks is only allowed in a selection of 15 playlists, created by curators or algorithms.

Also, Deezer Go allows playback on only one device that must remain online to listen to music. I questioned Stricker the reason for the absence of offline mode, and he explains that the cost of record labels for licensing with download is higher than for online streaming, which would make it difficult to have a free offer.

As with TIM Beta and TIM Black, data traffic from Deezer Go is unlimited on 4G from TIM Pré Top, without impacting the data package contracted by the customer. Stricker claims that the app caches the cell phone’s storage, which helps it not rely so heavily on mobile networks. However, it is necessary to be online to listen to music, which compromises the use of those who travel in areas without cell phone coverage, such as roads, subways and planes.

The executive also states that Deezer Go was a work developed in conjunction with TIM in recent months, and that the operator is the first in the world to receive the product. He comments that there is no exclusivity agreement with the streaming company, which can offer the service to competing telephony – in the same way that TIM can negotiate with other platforms, for example.

As for the upgrade to Deezer Premium, Stricker stated that “soon” TIM Pré Top users will be able to change the category with some monthly cost. For now, the operator sells the Premium package for R$4.90 per week to TIM Pré customers.

It is worth remembering that some TIM prepaid plans have already had Deezer Premium included in the past, but a portfolio change in 2018 removed the subscription to the music application.

Control continues without Deezer

While prepaid and postpaid plans have some version of Deezer, control remains outside: Deezer Go is not available for this modality, while Deezer Premium is sold by the operator for the monthly price of R$12.90 for customers in this category – normally R$16.90 per month in individual contracts.

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