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TikTok announced this Tuesday (27) that it is expanding its platform dedicated to live broadcasts, with the implementation of a series of functions for content creators and viewers. The Chinese social network intends to intensify the competition with other applications such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitch, bringing double lives, questions and answers, and event scheduling, for example.


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Currently, TikTok lives allow creators to broadcast live to their followers, with the possibility of interaction through chat and a virtual gift system. However, the platform is not one of the main choices for influencers to organize lives, standing out more for its short recorded video system.

Therefore, TikTok has invested heavily in new features for the organization, dynamics and moderation of live broadcasts. For viewers, TikTok is also adding new discovery and visualization tools, among other changes.

As revealed by the platform in a statement, the main news were called “Go LIVE Together”, “LIVE Events” and “LIVE Q&A”. All of these features are now widely available, while others are yet to come, being tested in selected markets before being expanded globally.


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Go LIVE Together implements dual broadcast

One of the biggest highlights is the “Go LIVE Together”, which allows you to carry out live broadcasts by joining two profiles as hosts, also uniting your viewer base. Thus, the new feature of TikTok, which is already available worldwide, intends to go head-to-head with Instagram.

However, the competition is still ahead. In March, Instagram launched LIVE Rooms, which allow you to broadcast live with up to four people, an organizer and three guests. That’s why TikTok is also already testing the expansion of the newcomer “Go LIVE Together” to allow multiple hosts.

LIVE Events allows you to schedule and promote lives

TikTok's LIVE Events allow creators to schedule live events and bring publicity tools (Image: Publicity)

TikTok’s LIVE Events allow creators to schedule live events and bring publicity tools (Image: Publicity)

In “LIVE Events”, content creators can schedule and promote live events in advance to provide an extra engagement tool. Followers can discover, register and receive notifications and reminders as live approaches. The resource is accessible through the upper right corner of the profile page, where you can create the event, name it, record its date and time, and write a brief description.

After the event is scheduled, users can share it via in-app messages, recorded videos with a countdown feature, and via external links. When planning the event, TikTok will show how many people have already signed up to participate, an important tool for planning influencers.

LIVE Q&A and moderators

LIVE Q&E is new question and answer system for live streams on TikTok (Image: Press Release)

LIVE Q&E is new question and answer system for live streams on TikTok (Image: Press Release)

The “LIVE Q&A” is a new live Q&A system on TikTok that allows the audience to ask questions during the creator’s broadcasts. Hosts can view view them in a separate dashboard and have the option to show questions to all viewers answering them through existing tools.

Finally, when the number of viewers grows too much, it is common for content creators to have difficulty controlling the behavior of live chat, for example. Therefore, another new tool in TikTok is the possibility to designate moderators to manage the audience of live broadcasts.

TikTok implements moderators for platform lives (Image: Disclosure)

TikTok implements moderators for platform lives (Image: Disclosure)

These moderators chosen by the live owner will have the ability to mute and block chat users as needed. On the other hand, the keyword filtering tool, which blocks messages as ruled by the creators, has also been expanded to support up to 200 terms.

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