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This was a year of many achievements for TikTok. In 2021 alone, the platform reached the milestone of 1 billion monthly users on the platform, in addition to surpassing YouTube in average time spent by users and becoming the app with the highest number of downloads. In celebration of the community, the social network announced the highlights of the year 2021.

According to Vanessa Pappas, head of TikTok operations, 2021 was a connecting year where they witnessed TikTok users having fun, initiating cultural phenomena and teaching new things. “It’s been amazing to see the depth of entertainment and creativity in this community, and we’re delighted to celebrate all the ways we’ve come together this year on TikTok,” he says.

For the head of TikTok content partnerships in Brazil, Ronaldo Marques, it’s amazing to see how the community continues to grow and support each other. “In Brazil, we’ve seen trends start and spread in the Para Você feeds, with content on education, humor, duets, gastronomy, among others, resonating on the platform.”

O Ano no TikTok

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The platform made a list with the most outstanding movements of the year of Brazilian servants in several categories. The most popular songs, favorite videos from the “for you” feed, behavioral trends and even sports fans, who followed from the Carioca Championship to UEFA EURO.


today I went to the aquarium in São Paulo, and look what happened #comedy #foryou #animals #fish #sp #tourism

? original sound – Lucas Cunha

Some of the categories also pointed out the most played songs, the new great talents on the platform, in addition to educational content, such as recipe tutorials and preparatory lives for ENEM. The complete list can be accessed on this page; below, you can see some of the featured content:

Favorite videos from the “For You” tab

  1. @madaebica – I was shocked by the name of my human.
  2. @juliareissss – Hey lady, we won’t have a disposable pot.
  3. @reefminuto – When fish make small fish…
  4. @totouchanemu – Dancing with a drone.
  5. @nathanevanss – Once upon a time there was a man… “The Sea Shanty” heard all over the world.
  6. @youneszarou – The flavor in the photo.
  7. @cunhalucass – A casual visit to the aquarium.
  8. @azyx – I’ll be right back, I’ll change my profile picture.

New TikTok Creators

  1. @raphaelviicente – Mother and superstition are all the same, just change your address.
  2. @cunhaporanga_oficial – A typical Indian meal. #OnlyForTheForts.
  3. @vovostiktokers – When homesickness hits…
  4. @khaby.lame – When modernity does more harm than good.
  5. @abbyroberts – Look at this makeover!
  6. @BTS_official_bighit – The most famous Koreans of the 21st century.
  7. @thedutchgoalkeeper – The goalkeeper and his gloves.
  8. @angryreactions – The best inspirational speech you’ve ever seen.

Featured Songs

  1. “No, I won’t” – Mari Fernandez, @pericles;
  2. “You Got It” – Vedo, @marimariamakeup;
  3. “Gin Type” – MC Kevin O Chris, @virginiafonseca;
  4. “Astronaut in the Ocean” – Masked Wolf, @jayprehistoricpets;
  5. “Beggin ‘” – Moonlight, @therealmaneskin;
  6. “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” – Popp Hunna, @justmaiko;
  7. “SugarCrash!” – ElyOtto, @zuro_xuro;
  8. “STAY” – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber, @luckythirteenz.

new tool

To celebrate its own year on TikTok, the platform has released a new question-and-answer tool that invites users to reminisce about their most memorable moments in 2021.

To use the “Ask on TikTok” feature, simply choose one of the available questions, such as “What was your highlight in 2021?” or “What was your happiest moment in 2021?” and respond with a new video or share old TikTok content.

The platform will also launch new events for TikTok Brasil, including the disclosure of the winners of the first edition of the TikTok Awards, which will celebrate their content creators, and The Year in TikTok — Music Report.

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