Three political options say they are pushing for the abolition of chamber membership

At the beginning of June, the CIVIC Initiative Psychological Spring asked political parties to state whether they would implement reforms of the Croatian chamber system if they were part of the legislative and executive branches.

Today, they announced that their proposal to reform the chamber system and pass the Law on Chambers was supported by three policy options.

What questions did they ask from the Initiative?

These are the questions raised by the Initiative.

“1. Do you undertake to pass the Law on Chambers as a matter of urgency, which will regulate the establishment and financing of chambers in a unique and binding manner for all chambers, the manner of performing public powers entrusted to chambers, the manner of democratic election of officials and the manner of legal, democratic and transparent work? and decision-making by bodies and officials of chambers, democratic rights and duties of members towards chambers and their bodies and officials, and bodies, powers and manner of supervising the legality of work and decisions of bodies and officials of chambers, and responsibility of officials and bodies of chambers for illegal and improper operation?

2. Do you undertake to urgently implement the existing laws regulating the work of chambers in such a way as to abolish compulsory membership in chambers or at least to allow, under the conditions prescribed by law, the free establishment and competition of several chambers within one activity? ”

They also report that they were sent three political options, the Party with Name and Surname, Smart and FOCUS, the BRIDGE of Independent Lists and the Homeland Movement.

The initiative published the responses of the policy options that emerged.

Most: We respond positively to both issues

Most replied that they were positive about both issues and that they undertook to prepare and propose to the Croatian Parliament all the necessary laws and legal changes.

“The Bridge of Independent Lists supports the Psychological Spring Initiative in a fair fight for the reform of the Croatian chamber system. We follow with great attention your activities and concrete proposals aimed at abolishing the monopoly position of the chambers and the obligations of membership in them under undemocratic and non-transparent conditions. Therefore, we respond positively to both of your issues and undertake in the atmosphere of dialogue together with you to prepare and propose to the Croatian Parliament for the adoption of all necessary laws and legal amendments that will regulate the proposed initiatives, “said Most.

Huic: We agree

Davor Huić spoke on behalf of the coalition of the Party with Name and Surname, Smart and FOCUS, saying that some of their members have been advocating for years the abolition of compulsory membership and the liberalization of the entire chamber system.

“The Coalition of Parties with Name and Surname-Smart-FOCUS agrees with your inquiry. Some of our members have been advocating for years the abolition of compulsory membership in chambers for all industries subject to the law, the liberalization of the entire chamber system and amendments to the laws governing chambers to allow professionals free choice in who to promote, represent and advocate for. and interests, ”he replied.

Homeland Movement: We fully agree with the requirements

The Homeland Movement also responded to the demands and said that it would support them as a new force in the Croatian Parliament.

“Based on your inquiry from June 8, 2020, and in connection with the legal regulation of chamber activities in the Republic of Croatia, we would like to inform you that the Homeland Movement fully agrees with your requirements. Quite a number of members of our expert committees followed with great interest the recent initiative of the Psychological Spring for the most transparent financial activities of chambers in Croatia, and fair regulation of the income of chamber officials in accordance with the general economic situation in the country. Therefore, we hereby tell you that the Homeland Movement, as a new force in the Croatian Parliament, will support the demands contained in your letter “, they replied to the Psychological Spring.

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