This row of foreign coaches was at odds with PSSI

Jakarta, IDN Times – A dispute between the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and national team coach Shin Tae-yong broke out in the media last week. This problem began when the South Korean coach criticized PSSI when interviewed by South Korean local media.

The dispute between the highest soccer federation in the country with a foreign coach is apparently not the first time. Since entering the Millennium era, the story is always out of harmony.

Almost all the end of the dispute, foreign coaches are always the victims. That was also felt by Simon McMenemy when handling the Garuda squad in a short time. Following are the Indonesian national team’s foreign coaches who had a dispute with PSSI.

1. Luis Manuel Blanco

Former Indonesian national team coach, Manuel Blanco. PHOTOS OF ANTARA / Dhoni Setiawan / mes / 13.

Manuel Blanco is recorded in the history of Indonesian football as Indonesia’s shortest national team coach. In total only 15 days he handled the Garuda squad in 2013 ago.

Blanco’s appointment was questioned by members of the PSSI Executive Committee (Exco), one of whom was La Nyalla Mataliti. This was done because the appointment of the Argentine coach did not seek the approval of Exco PSSI. Moreover, his track record is also so doubtful during his career as a coach.

It turned out to be a long tail, Blanco had brought the case to the legal route. In fact, at that time BTN was sued by him to be able to explain how the fate of his contract with the Indonesian National Team.

2. Alfred Riedl

This row of foreign coaches was at odds with PSSIBETWEEN PHOTOS / Wahyu Putro A

The debut of an Austrian coach with the Indonesian national team ended unfavorably. Because, the contract was questioned by the General Chair of PSSI when held by Djohar Arifin, because Riedl’s contract was considered not through a federation but rather by another party.

He is said to have signed a contract with Nirwan Bakrie. Understandably, at that time PSSI was experiencing dualism which made the football organization split.

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However, the conflict did not stop the cooperation between the two. The proof, Riedl had once again led the Indonesian national team in 2013 and in 2016.

3. Luis Milla

This row of foreign coaches was at odds with PSSILuis Milla while training the Indonesian National Team 2017. instagram / luismillacoach

Luis Milla is a first-class coach who has no longer counted on his abilities. In fact, he has given birth to star players who can penetrate the squad for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

This makes the Indonesian public feel optimistic when Milla is chosen to handle the Indonesian National Team. He slowly began to make changes to the style of play that is considered to begin to improve the ability of Febry Haryadi and colleagues.

The Spanish coach got a lot of praise despite failing to bring the Indonesian national team to go far in the 2018 Asian Games.

That made Milla furious. Milla criticized PSSI if that was not the main reason. He said PSSI did not have high professionalism, due to breach of contract and poor management.

4. Simon McMenemy

This row of foreign coaches was at odds with PSSISimon McMenemy did not want to accompany the team during the IDN Times / Ilyas Listianto Mujib Presien Cup

PSSI decided to fire Simon McMenemy as Indonesian national team coach. This was conveyed through a statement on the official PSSI website, Wednesday (6/11), a few days after Mochamad Iriawan alias Iwan Bule was appointed to become the General Chair of PSSI in the congress.

He is considered to have failed to bring the Indonesian national team because he could not even offer a victory in the World Cup qualifying round in 2022.

That had made the relationship between Simon and PSSI stretched. Because, Simon’s contract there ended in December 2020. They were asked to pay compensation of Rp3.9 billion.

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