This is the role of 29 suspects who want to kill Nus Kei and his men

Jakarta, IDN Times – Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Commissioner Commissioner Yusri Yunus said, John Refra alias John Kei bin Paulinus Refra, and 29 of his men had been named as suspects.

This is related to the assault case in the Australian Cluster, Green Lake City, Cipondoh, Tangerang City, Banten, and the persecution case in Kosambi, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, on Sunday (21/6). From the results of the examination, the police found several things. Like planning the actions and tasks of each suspect.

“To divide several clusters. The first cluster is the Kosambi area, then the second cluster is the Green Lake area, then the third cluster is on the Titian road and the fourth is an independent cluster. Because, there are three places namely Pondok Gede, Tangerang, and the Bekasi area,” said Yusri at the Metro Jaya Regional Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Tuesday (6/23).

1. There were six perpetrators who hacked Nus Kei’s men to death

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol. Yusri Yunus (IDN Times / Axel Joshua Harianja)

Yusri explained, the purpose of the cluster division was to find targets to be eliminated by the John Kei group, one of which was Nus Kei himself. There are six suspects who hacked Nus Kei’s men, Y and A, in the Kosambi area, Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

“First, the perpetrators of the initials J, H, and K. These are in charge of carrying out the stabbing of the two victims. One dies and one is severed. One of the initials is B. B is his duty when the victim falls, having run over using the vehicle (car) ,” he said.

Then, two other suspects who entered the wanted list (DPO), whose initials M and T.

“The two who (stabbed) at the Kosambi DPO are still in pursuit to find out their role,” Yusri said.

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2. As many as 25 people attacked Nus Kei’s residence

This is the role of 29 suspects who want to kill Nus Kei and his menRelease of John Kei’s group crime case (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Sigid Kurniawan)

Yusri said there were 25 people who attacked the residence of Nus Kei. However, there are still other perpetrators whose status is DPO alias fugitives.

“I cannot mention it yet, because there are a number of DPOs that are included in the list of examination results, based on existing witnesses and the suspect’s own information at that time,” he said.

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In the incident at the Australian Green Lake City Cluster, Cipondoh, Tangerang City, Banten, there was a perpetrator who carried a firearm. He also shot the foot of a motorcycle taxi driver on line at the location, but he is still a DPO.

“We already know the name and we are still pursuing the relevant senpi holder,” Yusri said.

“Finally, we all check urine, and while, (out of) 30 people, only two people tested positive for drugs. We are still waiting for other urine results,” he continued.

3. Nus Kei had asked John Kei so that the problem was solved only by the two of them

This is the role of 29 suspects who want to kill Nus Kei and his menJohn Kei becomes a suspect (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Sigid Kurniawan)

Yusri said Nus Kei had asked John Kei to solve the problem together. They disagreed over money and the distribution of land in Ambon City.

“We got from the evidence in WA (WhatsApp), Nus Kei briefly conveyed it there. ‘Please, John, let’s just meet together, don’t bring us members, this is our private matter,'” Yusri said, imitating Nus Kei’s conversation. .

“But John Kei did not respond, this (assault) happened. There are still a number of other things that John Kei has not revealed. Only he said when asked, ‘I (feel) betrayed by Nus Kei, then,” Yusri said, imitating the words John Kei.

4. The legal process continues, even though Nus Kei invites John Kei to make peace

This is the role of 29 suspects who want to kill Nus Kei and his menJohn Kei becomes a suspect (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Sigid Kurniawan)

Previously, John Kei’s lawyer, Anton Sudanto, assessed that his client was not involved in the planned murder of Nus Kei, but Yusri did not question the rebuttal.

“Go ahead, this is a legal mechanism. All investigations, witnesses, evidence is there. There is a legal mechanism, please (refute),” Yusri said.

“This is a pure criminal yes, go ahead. In the court the process continues because this Article 340 is a planned murder,” added the former West Java Regional Police Head of Public Relations.

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