This Is The Reason For The New Palace To Publish Jokowi’s Angry Video

Jakarta, IDN Times – The palace uploaded President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s directives in a plenary cabinet meeting on Thursday 18 June 2020. However, the video directed by Jokowi was only uploaded by the Presidential Secretariat on Sunday 28 June 2020.

10 days later, the public also wondered why only yesterday the Palace publicized Jokowi’s direction, who looked angry at his minister. What is the reason for the palace?

1. The cabinet meeting is internal and cannot be immediately published

Dock. Presidential Press Bureau

The Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media of the Presidential Secretariat, Bey Machmudin, said that at that time the plenary cabinet meeting was indeed internal. So it cannot be immediately published.

“But after we studied the president’s statement, many things were good, and good for the public to know, so we asked permission from the President to publish them.published, “Bey said in his press statement on Monday (6/29).

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2. The Palace learns Jokowi’s direction before it is published

This Is The Reason For The New Palace To Publish Jokowi's Angry VideoDock. Presidential Press Bureau

Even so, Bey said it did not immediately decide to publish the video. But it also needs a lot of consideration before finally being published.

“We studied for a long time too, studying repeatedly,” he said.

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3. Jokowi is irritated at the performance of his ministers and threatens them reshuffle

This Is The Reason For The New Palace To Publish Jokowi's Angry VideoDock. Presidential Press Bureau

Previously, President Jokowi had felt annoyed at the performance of his ministers in handling the corona virus or COVID-19. In the 10-minute video, Jokowi revealed that the performance of his ministers had no significant progress and he threatened to do reshuffle cabinet.

“It could just dissolve the institution. It could reshuffle. I have been thinking about everywhere, “Jokowi said in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel of the Presidential Secretariat on Sunday (6/28).

Jokowi assessed that there was no significant progress in the performance of the ministers as seen from the slow spending budget for handling COVID-19. One of which was mentioned by the former mayor of Solo is about the budget handling of COVID-19 health sector has been prepared IDR 75 trillion. From this figure, only 1.53 percent has been absorbed.

“Immediately remove the expenditure as soon as possible. Because the money will circulate more and more, public consumption will rise. I give an example, the health sector is budgeted Rp. 75 trillion. Rp. 75 trillion just came out 1.53 percent try,” he said.

In addition to the health sector, Jokowi also highlighted the distribution of social assistance as a social safety net for communities affected by COVID-19. According to Jokowi, the process of distribution of social assistance is ‘not bad’, but he asked that the minister’s performance should be more than that.

“The social media that people have been waiting for immediately remove it. If there is a problem, take field actions. Even though it’s OK, it’s just OK. This extra ordinary. It should be 100 percent, “Jokowi said.

Not only that, the economic field was also mentioned by Jokowi. This man who was born in Solo requested that all the stimulus that had been prepared immediately be realized. Specifically, the stimulus is targeting MSME actors.

“Micro businesses, small businesses, medium businesses, big businesses, banks, everything related to the economy. Manufacturing, industry, especially labor intensive. Give priority to them so that there are no layoffs. Do not have excessive layoffs, money from the rupiah has not yet entered to our economic stimulus, “Jokowi said.

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