This Action Drama Series is also a 1990s Idol

Banners, Jacklyn and the Roar of Dust. Does anyone remember?

In the 1990s there were many local soap operas that carried the action genre. Popular titles, you name it The Blind from the Ghost Cave, Wiro Sableng, The Mystery of Mount Merapi, or Tinular said, all of which involve many people (colossal) and set in ancient times.

In addition to a colossal action series, in the same decade also appeared drama soap operas flavored with fighting actions. This action drama soap opera was able to attract the interest of many viewers, especially teenagers. Now, this is a series of popular action series in the 1990s.

1. The Roar of Dust

YouTube / GP Records

One of the very famous action series in his day. First aired in 1994 to 1996, Roar of dust starring a number of players who are good at martial arts, such as Willy Dozan who is skilled in martial arts and Ari Wibowo who is skilled in taekwondo.

Roar of dust himself tells the story of the action of a detective (Igo) who hunts criminals. In fact, in one episode, he even had to fight with female ghosts. Apart from the action scenes, the most memorable is opening theme voiced by Nike Ardilla.

2. Travel

Not Just Colossal, These 7 Drama Action Series Are Also Idols of the 1990s GenerationYouTube / Bernard Woodby

Travel is another action soap opera starring Ari Wibowo in the 1990s after Roar of dust. Previously, he also had time to play in the series Jacky, which then makes the name of the man born in Berlin is famous as an action actor.

In the serial Travel, Richard Kevin’s uncle collided with Tamara Bleszynski’s acting. In addition to taekwondo self-defense skills, the characteristic of Ira Wibowo’s younger sister at the time that still left an impression on the viewers’ memories was her long blond hair.

3. Blood and love

Not Just Colossal, These 7 Drama Action Series Are Also Idols of the 1990s GenerationYouTube / Extra Credits

Image Ari Wibowo as a 1990s action actor was getting thicker when he was lined up to be the main actor in a soap opera Blood and love. First aired in 1996 at Indosiar, Ari at that time still appeared macho with shoulder hair.

At that time, Blood and love filming in several cities in the world, such as Hong Kong, Rome, Rimini, San Marino, Beijing, Shanghai, and Jakarta. In 2017, the RTV station had a chance to re-air the soap opera in the middle of the night.

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4. The road is smolder

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Not Just Colossal, These 7 Drama Action Series Are Also Idols of the 1990s GenerationTwitter / BNGPY & YouTube / DEDE YUSUF- LAKSAMANA

Another local action series that was a hit in the mid-1990s was Blazing Road. Produced by Kharisma Starvision Plus, this soap opera accompanied the audience of the country more than 70 episodes, including its sequel, The road is increasingly smoldering (1996).

The main star featured Dede Yusuf, who turned out to be very good at taekwondo martial arts. Besides Dede Yusuf, who played Handoko, the action drama series also featured senior names such as Rahayu Effendi, Adi Bing Slamet, and Eddies Adelia.

5. Jacklyn

Not Just Colossal, These 7 Drama Action Series Are Also Idols of the 1990s GenerationFacebook / Marcelino Lefrandt

Jacklyn became another action genre show that also had interest in the mid 1990s. First present in 1996, continued Jacklyn 2 in 1998, this action drama soap opera lined Marcelino Lefrandt as the main player.

Like a similar action series, the storyline of this soap opera is also similar, a fighter who tries to eradicate crime. Besides showing the coverboy finalist Various Ria, Jacklyn also display the name Ayuni Sukarman, one of the hit actresses of her time.

6. Millennium Man’s Flag

Not Just Colossal, These 7 Drama Action Series Are Also Idols of the 1990s GenerationYouTube / MVP Hits

Entering the 21st century, Indonesia and the world were shocked by the term Millennium. No wonder then that many things use this term, including when RCTI launched the soap opera Millennium Human Flag in 1999 to 2001.

Starring Primus Yustisio, the series revolves around Panji, who has superpowers. Wearing a black shirt plus a mask and wings with silver accents, he can emit laser beams from his eyes. Tia Ivanka also accompanied Primus in this soap opera.

7. Eclipse

Not Just Colossal, These 7 Drama Action Series Are Also Idols of the 1990s GenerationYouTube / StarvisionPlus

The series was first broadcast by RCTI station in early January 1999. Eclipse interesting enough the attention of the audience, as evidenced by the survival of the soap opera with a rather supernatural nuances until 2003.

Played by Roland, Eclipse is the main character born in a total solar eclipse. Just staring, he could make something in front of him bounce. Besides the action, the series is also peppered with comedy elements through the roles of Peggy Melati Sukma and Ruhut Sitompul.

Well, that was a series of action drama soap operas that were loved by the 1990s generation. Aside from the list above, maybe anyone has another favorite? Saras 008 perhaps?

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