There are other positives in Đakovo, among them two children from a Catholic kindergarten

YESTERDAY was the second worst day in Croatia in terms of the number of new cases: 95 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed. We had the most on April 1 when 96 confirmed ones were recorded.

As for the hotspots, they are in Đakovo and Zagreb. There were 38 new cases in Đakovo yesterday, and the focus is the monastery, the seminary and the archdiocese. There were 25 confirmed cases in Zagreb by 2 pm yesterday, but the City of Zagreb announced another 18 new cases in the afternoon, but they will be added to today’s statistics. Most of the cases in Zagreb are related to the Jankomir psychiatric hospital and to folk clubs. The others are distributed as follows: one newly ill person is from Brod-Posavina County, one from Šibenik-Knin County, one from Virovitica-Podravina County, one from Split-Dalmatia County and one from Varaždin County, two newly ill people are from Istria County, two from Sisak-Moslavina County, five newly ill people are from Zadar County, seven from Zagreb County, nine from Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.


8:59 As we just found out, two children from a kindergarten run by nuns in Đakovo are positive for coronavirus. More information on the new confirmed cases in Đakovo will be announced at a press conference at 11 am. In Đakovo, nuns, children from kindergartens and priests are in self-isolation.

8:38 Đikić said in HRT’s Studio 4: “Currently you have messages that the virus is not dangerous, that it has weakened, and that comes from the Minister of Health. We also knew in the third month that 60 to 80 percent of people have no symptoms. diseases and it has been known for a very long time.The political spin is that the virus has weakened, says the head of the clinic and the head of public health based on statements by an Italian doctor, and a thousand statements by scientists have been ignored in this case.

The symptoms weakened not because the virus had weakened, but because the environment and conditions of finding the infected were different. Catching someone at an early stage with mild symptoms does not mean that the virus has weakened, and today’s infected are under 50 years of age, which reduces mortality. If the elderly are infected, we will have the same mortality. “

8:34 Domagoj Drenjančević from KBC Osijek: “We have hospitalized 18 infected people, 4 new ones were admitted compared to yesterday. Most of them are patients with some chronic diseases. Most of them are from Đakovo, they are 65 years old on average. Three patients are from Osijek. . “

“We do not have nearly as serious patients now as in March and April,” he added in a statement for N1.

8:27 An N1 reporter from Rijeka reports that a girl who was treated at the Vinogradska Hospital in Zagreb, and was infected with a corona, is also in the hospital.

8:22 The president of the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists, Ana Soldo, said as a guest in Studio 4 of HRT that the situation with masks and antiseptics is much better than at the beginning of the epidemic. “Surgical masks and cloth masks are most in demand. We have relaxed a lot, but now the situation has changed,” Soldo said. Asked what kind of mask to wear, she replied: “A cotton mask can be worn by the healthy and it is quite sufficient. It protects against droplet transmission and is sufficient to reduce the spread of infection. There are enough in stores. As for surgical masks, the situation is normalizing. Prices are not the same as before, because the situation has changed, but they are still more favorable than at the beginning of the epidemic. “

8:16 “Today there will be fewer new cases than yesterday, this is not the second wave, but the first wave of coronavirus that has not stopped, and there is no scientific evidence that the virus has weakened,” Capaka Media servis said in a statement.

7:43 Dragan Primorac was a guest on the show “Good morning, Croatia”. He said one should learn to live with the virus and monitor and follow the measures. “We must not stop the economy, we must not block the state … young people will be problematic for us because they are asymptomatic, and they have to work and socialize. A much larger number of people develop much milder symptoms, there has been a weakening of the virus, we will show it in a publication that we will publish soon “, said Primorac. > More

7:35 “We have a new increase, it is less important what we will call it. We made very restrictive measures in the so-called first wave and we almost eliminated the virus from the population, but we opened up and again we have virus import and transmission, now local,” he said. epidemiologist Kolarić. > More

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