The Walking Dead 11×2: series has shocking first death (spoilers)


the last season of The Walking Dead it’s still full of emotions and, remembering that, in zombie series, we can’t get attached to the characters. In episode 11×2, we have the first shocking death of season 11 — and it shouldn’t be the last.

Follow our recap of episode 11×2, the beginning of the end of the TWD series.

In the first part of Acheron – Episode 11×1, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Alden (Callan McAuliffe), are trapped between a subway car and a horde of zombies. Daryl runs after Dog, the others climb to the top of the car and Negan leaves Maggie hanging at the mercy of the zombies, in a breathtaking scene.

“Acheron: Part 2” picks up where the premiere left off. Maggie fights the walkers as Alden, Negan and the group descend into the train car. After discovering that the exit of the car is rusty, they also realize that Maggie is no longer with them. “She was right behind me,” replies Negan, feigning innocence. While Alden wants to look for her, the rest of the group asserts that the mission would be suicide—and that Maggie would like them to continue.

Daryl finds Dog. They enter a tunnel that appears to be an old homeless community. A graffiti on the wall says: “Come for all of us”. He sees a dead man handcuffed to a briefcase full of money. Then he lights up a mural depicting people wearing crowns fighting each other, while what look like the undead approach in the background.

In Commonwealth, Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) and the Princess (Paola Lázaro) discuss her brother, a surgeon who lives in the community, and how to reach the person responsible. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) is concerned about the location of Ezekiel (Khary Payton). Yumiko decides that enough is enough and demands to speak to the “manager”. She is taken back to the interrogation room, where her past as a lawyer shines through. She describes the tactics of the two interviewers based on the details she observed.

the return of maggie

In the subway, as the group struggles to open the rusty door, they hear a knock on the car: S.O.S in Morse code. It’s Maggie, who escaped the horde and found a trapdoor under the car. The group pulls her up and she hits Negan in the face, revealing that he left her for dead. When the group accuses Negan of trying to kill her, he replies that there’s a big difference between trying to kill and just not helping.

Then they are interrupted by more beats. This time, Gage (Jackson Pace) – who ran away in the last episode – is on the other side of the train door, begging to get inside. Walkers funnel behind him, but Maggie decides that to save a life, it’s not worth putting the rest of the group at risk. Alden and Negan try to save the teenager in vain. Gage sticks a knife into his own heart and transforms into a walker.

Maggie’s group decides they have to break down the door. The swarm of hikers, led by Gage, try to infiltrate the car. Maggie momentarily puts aside her differences with Negan and hands him a weapon to help.

Burning ammunition and using melee weapons, the group takes down as many of the undead as they can. But it doesn’t take long for them to get overwhelmed. That’s when Daryl appears and makes his way through another train car full of zombies. After they reach a safe place, Daryl throws a grenade into the car.

Back in The Commonwealth, Eugene is carving a weapon in his cell, anxious and terrified after being separated from Yumiko and the Princess. The guards take him to the interrogation room, where he talks to Mercer (Michael James Shaw). Eugene lies not to reveal Alexandria’s location.

After the interaction, the guards transport Eugene to a cell, with Yumiko, Princess and Ezekiel. Mercer enters and announces that they have been admitted to the Commonwealth. Then a woman enters, introducing herself as Stephanie.

Maggie’s group comes out of the underground. Negan comments that the city is “a f***” and the group faces a projectile attack. One hits Cole (Sebastian Sozzi) in the leg. As the group hides behind the cover, Daryl peeks in and sees a menacing-looking group of masked men coming towards him. From the information Maggie shared, they must be the fearsome Reapers.

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