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The advent of Fnac Darty has shaken the e-commerce sector. The French company is making a series of good deals to attract customers. As Black Friday approaches, its business strategy is getting even stronger. She is banking on a series of exceptional promotions to win the hearts of the public.

Good deals Black Friday Fnac Darty

Great offers to grab before Black Friday Fnac Darty

At present, we have no information regarding whether or not Black Friday will be held on the Fnac Darty side. Will the group cancel it or postpone it for a week like Amazon and Cdiscount? We should be fixed soon, but know that you don’t have to wait to get good deals with these brands because they already have some great offers that we suggest you discover below:

  1. PS4 game : Borderlands 3 at 6.99 euros
  2. PS4 game : NBA 2K21 at 24.99 euros
  3. Nintendo Switch Accessories : Zelda protective cover at 9.99 euros
  4. Helmet : JBL Tune 700BT black at 49.99 euros
  5. Automation : Google Nest Mini Christmas box at 49.99 euros at Darty / at 49.99 euros at Fnac
  6. Connected bracelet : Fitbit Charge 4 at 99.99 euros
  7. Automation : Philips Hue Fnac / Darty 2020 discovery pack at 119.99 euros
  8. Smart watch : Apple Watch Series 3 at 189.99 euros
  9. Smart watch : Huawei GT2 Pro watch at 229.99 euros

Fnac Darty in a few words?

Enrique Martinez is at the head of the Fnac Darty group. The brand went through many trials before becoming a major French distributor.

A large distribution company

Fnac Darty refers to a French company that focuses its efforts on the distribution of household appliances, cultural products and electronic equipment. Fnac’s takeover of Darty propelled the brand onto the benches of European leaders in the distribution of high-tech equipment. Its activities include:

  • the distribution of computer, electronic and cultural products
  • selling photo processing services
  • travel ticketing through Fnac Voyages
  • ticket office for shows: operas, museums, circuses, concerts, theater and exhibitions, etc.

The group has a vast network of 780 stores scattered around the world, including 571 in France and Switzerland.

The long course of Fnac

La Fnac was a solitary company working in physical commerce. The company was created under the leadership of Max Théret and André Essel in October 1954. The two individuals gave birth to the National Federation for the Purchase of Executives, better known by the acronym of Fnac. The very first store opens in Paris, boulevard de Sébastopol. The aim of the company is to distribute high quality products at affordable prices.

In 1985, the GMF group made a contribution by becoming its main shareholder. Fnac dematerialized its activity in 1999 and set up its first e-commerce site at At the same time, it is expanding its activity outside French borders and setting up stores in Brazil and Sao Paulo. 10 years later, the company goes to the MarketPlace on The platform then registers 1,500 partner sellers.

In 2014, Fnac adopted a strategic deployment plan based on the addition of connected objects and dematerialized services in its catalog.

The fascinating story of Darty

Darty was created in 1957 on the initiative of siblings Natan, Bernard and Marcel Darty, textile traders in Paris. By opening their business, the three brothers forged a commercial policy focused on customer satisfaction. Therefore, siblings add to their sales, delivery and quick troubleshooting activities.

In April 1988, the team set up the Public Purchase Offer (OPA). The program encourages employees to invest and become owners of their business. The operation is a success. Moreover, the OPA program remains to this day the largest RES or Company buyout by employees on the European continent. In 1996, a brand new site arrived which was to become a commercial site 3 years later.

The combination of Fnac and Darty

July 18, 2016 marks the day on which the Competition Authority accepts the takeover by Fnac of Darty. This date will be anchored in the memory of consumers as the day of the merger of two renowned distributors. The Fnac group paid 1.16 billion euros to be able to acquire Darty. The Marketplace then allocates a dedicated space to Darty. Likewise, a Fnac ticketing space was created on

This unexpected merger is the result of a joint initiative to confront the giant Amazon. Fnac Darty thus begins hostilities by optimizing Web-to-Store mechanisms. The initiative results in an optimized distribution of the points of sale of the two brands.

Doing good business during Black Friday Fnac Darty

Like other retailers (see for example: Black Friday Amazon, Black Friday Boulanger, Black Friday Cdiscount and Black Friday Rue du commerce), the Fnac Darty group is among the fervent supporters of good Black Friday deals, including The official date is Friday November 27 for the 2020 edition. Regarding Cyber ​​Monday good deals, they are held on Monday November 30.

For the occasion, Fnac Darty says it is ready and despite the health situation, the company remains confident about the success of this edition. At the time of writing, the brand does not offer any good deals, which is quite normal since the event is not yet open.

Obviously, on D-Day, find below our selection of the best deals in high-tech offered by Fnac Darty on the occasion of Black Friday in France. As a reminder, last year, Fnac offered its traditional offer on its gift cards of € 60 to € 50 and € 150 to € 130 a week before Black Friday but also during Cyber ​​Monday, which will save even more. more on your end-of-year purchases, if the transaction occurs again (normally this should still be the case this year).

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