The staff and politicians have been silently watching what is happening in Zadar for days, now they are appalled

The Adria Tour revival tennis tournament was held in ZADAR for the weekend. Everything was presented as a great sports promotion, and then on Sunday night the news resounded that the tournament was abruptly interrupted after the Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, who participated in it, was confirmed with a coronavirus.

That same evening, the players and their teams, as well as some from the tournament organization, were tested in the parking lot of the Croatian Institute of Public Health in Zadar, and later in the evening a decision was made to ban visits to nursing homes and hospitals in Zadar County.

In the morning, the first test results arrived, which revealed that three more people were positive, among them the Croatian tennis player Borna Ćorić.

Along with Ćorić, Marko Panichi, Novak Djokovic’s fitness coach, and Christian Groh, Grigor Dimitrov’s coach, are positive. Among the tennis players who were tested was Marin Čilić, who received a negative result, but must go into self-isolation for 14 days.

Numerous pictures from the tournament from which it was clear what was going on there

However, the citizens were much more disturbed by the danger of a huge coronavirus outbreak in Zadar as a result of the tournament, the largest so far in Croatia, than the news of four positive cases among the participants in the tennis tournament. Already on the same evening when the news about the crown was published at the tournament in Zadar, numerous pictures began to leak showing that very little or no attention was paid to physical distance in Zadar, one of the key measures introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic.

To make matters worse, it quickly became clear that the infected tennis player had been hanging out with a large number of people in recent days.

Probably hundreds, if not thousands, of people, including a large number of children as part of Kids Day. It is known that about four thousand people attended the tournament.

All the details of the tournament may not have been known, although they should have been known at least to epidemiologists, ie the Zadar Headquarters, given that it was a large gathering at a time when the number of coronavirus cases began to rise again in Croatia. shots and images arrived from which it was very clear that the measure of distance was a rather unknown term.

The Headquarters could watch all this for days.

It is all the more improbable that the Headquarters are now amazed at how such non-compliance could have happened.

The headquarters is now astonished by the non-compliance with the measures

“We have to be responsible further. The fact is that the virus is still around us. By maintaining adequate distance, physical contact, hygiene, we prevent the spread of the virus. This is not done in this case, so I call the organizers of such events, and they are possible because we opened This is no longer a recommendation, but a given obligation, “said Minister of Health Vili Beros, who did not explain why this is a” given obligation “only now and what it means at all.

The interior minister and the head of the National Staff said that “everyone who did it failed”, referring to those who did not adhere to the measures.

The Headquarters also sent messages that it was a catastrophe and that the tournament should not have looked like that, but neither on Sunday nor on Monday was there any talk about the responsibility of those who were supposed to check how such a large gathering was held.

Questions that the Headquarters should answer instead of being appalled by the violation of measures in Zadar

And not only that, if for some reason the implementation of measures at a large public gathering in Zadar was not controlled, then the Headquarters could follow in the media for days how the measures at the tournament in Zadar were (not) respected.

Ultimately, did anyone look at the tournament program and how in such an epidemiological situation Kids Day could be allowed on which children, who scientists have said many times often get over coronavirus asymptomatically and easily transmit the infection, hang out with tennis players coming from abroad and are in contact with a huge number of people?

We also return to the question of why a negative test is not required, at least in such situations in which people from abroad come to Croatia (especially when it comes to countries with a worse epidemiological situation) and which are known to be in contact with large numbers of people.

But all these questions somehow become superfluous if we go back to the fact that it was known in advance what kind of event it was and that members of the Headquarters, epidemiologists and politicians watched videos from Zadar for days where a lot could be seen when it comes to (non) compliance measure.

Some watched it first hand, such as Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, who watched the matches surrounded by people, without a single chair apart.

At a press conference in Zadar today, Minister Beroš first said that Plenković adhered to all measures, and immediately afterwards, when he started talking about measures that were not respected, he said: “We cannot sit chair to chair. This is a warning to the organizers.”

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