The Siege of Paris brings the famous black box back to AC: Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is back! Don’t think you’ll miss your Viking raids, because the Ubisoft launches the DLC this August the siege of paris. Get ready to experience the city of light in a way you’ve never seen before.

In addition to bringing a different and unique context to the game, the new game update will bring interesting mechanics and the possibility of making a big siege to prevent the growth of enemy power.

How to access the DLC

If you’ve had fun with the Wrath of the Druids, for sure the French adventure will be unlocked. Just go to the port of Ravensthorpe and access the missions menu.

France will be among your goals. Select the first adventure and voila, time to have fun. Unlike the previous DLC where many players had difficulty accessing Ireland’s main arc, the Ubisoft made life easier for everyone.


The adventure begins when you receive Toka’s visit. The Norsewoman is the niece and direct aide of Sigfred, leader of the Elgring clan. She arrives with a nice dinner and lots of presents to capture your attention and ask for your help.

After successful incursions in France, Sigfred sees the growth of an enemy stronger than all seen to date: Charles the Fat. Afraid of losing everything he has achieved, he begins to recruit allies for a bloody battle.

Charles managed to unite the Frankish kingdoms and began a devastating march with the Norse, decimating everyone he encountered. He even made an important victim in this whole story: Toka’s father.

When informed about the situation, Eivor does not worry so much about what happened, but she had not thought about a situation exposed by Toka. After conquering France, Carlos will attack England, which enters into a collision course with the interests of the viking.

It remains then to join forces with Sigfred and try to end the evil that lies ahead. But be prepared, it won’t be that simple. The adventure takes about 15 hours, with 10 for the main arc and 5 for the secondary objectives.

And prepare for the worst. As Sigfred says, it won’t be a battle against peasants, who barely know how to wield a weapon. It will be a war against real soldiers. Get ready to venture into France at level 200, otherwise you’ll be in big trouble.


Much of what is presented in the siege of paris it is gloomy, morbid and psychologically draining. The Paris we find is ravaged by poverty and filth.

THE Ubisoft used dark color palettes to best show the immersion existing at that time. You will come across animal carcasses in the middle of the city and many people begging for food in the streets.

The soundtrack is terrifying and puts the player inside what was found in France at that time.

Add to all this an ingredient we found in The Plague Tale: Innocence, gives Focus Home Interactive. Whoever played the game must remember well the flood of rats that took over the cities.

The nasty little mammals will be everywhere in France. THE Ubisoft tried to insert a mechanic similar to the one found in Plague Tale, but without success. You use your special eyesight to detect the bugs and your ax to scare them away.

It would be much more interesting if it were possible to use a torch with fire, as in the reference title. In Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, just intimidate the rodents with your ax and they will flee.

To give the gloomy and impoverished air, the Ubisoft again he used light tricks to transform the game into a beautiful work of art, which didn’t end up attracting attention.

In many moments we noticed a break in the lights and mainly a lack of synchronism in them. At the very least, we have to take into account the optimization, which is finally adequate, pleasing even 4k gamers.

Black Box

Assassin’s Creed Unity it’s far from being one of the best games in the franchise, but over the years, it’s earned a captive seat in the community, mostly through security infiltrations.

THE Ubisoft again realized the desire of the community and returned with the black boxes in the siege of paris. To kill a super powerful, it will be necessary to investigate the surroundings and enter the enemy’s lair unnoticed.

Most curious of all is that the last time we encountered the Parisian setting in the game was exactly in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Finally, the player will have the feeling of being a real killer.

Popular revolt

In parallel to the siege that will be carried out in Paris, there is Pierre, a French ally of Sigfred and Toka. He defends the interest of the population that is tired of the reign of Carlos the Gordo.

Eivor will have several missions to be performed against the Loyalists. In return you will earn generous rewards.

Throughout each mission, Eivor will also have the help of the rebels, who will be able to wield weapons or serve as support with bow and arrow. You choose.

Worth it?

the siege of paris brings many other new features, such as a very interesting dub by the French, as well as diversified enemies. It will still be possible to have fun with new weapons, including a one-handed sword.

Other special abilities will be present in Eivor’s life to make the adventure more diverse and exciting. THE Ubisoft finally starts getting right in the hand of your DLCS, bringing content that pleases the community.

And that in a way the long life of their titles, in the case of now, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

The Siege of Paris was kindly provided by Ubisoft to carry out this analysis.

NOTE: 85

“The city of light like you’ve never seen!”


  • Black Box
  • Dubbing
  • new weaponry

Negative points

  • extreme difficulty
  • Lighting Problems

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