the secure online storage service that eclipses Dropbox

With already more than 14 million users, it has become a platform to be reckoned with in the online file storage market. To stand out from the competition, the service offers advanced features and applies a strict data security policy. Add to that attractive prices and a generous free offer, and we begin to better understand the growing success of pCloud.

On what media is pCloud available?

The full potential of pCloud is brought to light by its pCloud Drive desktop application available on Windows, Linux and macOS. This is very practical because it provides a virtual disk which expands the storage of the device and greatly facilitates the management of files and documents on the computer. The operating system recognizes it as an additional disk accessible from the file explorer, and you can use it exactly like the HDD or SSD of your PC. Not having to connect to the website or the client represents a considerable saving of time on a daily basis.


pCloud is also present via a mobile application on Android and iOS. This is very useful for its automatic upload function, which frees up space on your smartphone and ensures that your photos, videos and documents are securely stored in the cloud without manual intervention.

Moreover, we take advantage with pCloud of an instant synchronization between the devices to access our files from anywhere and anytime.

Premium features

has made a point of facilitating the transition to its platform. A backup system to recover files from Dropbox, Facebook, OneDrive, Google Drive and Google Photos has been set up to bring together all of its files, photos, videos, documents, etc. in one place.


In addition, it is possible to precisely choose which files and folders saved locally on the computer should be automatically backed up to the cloud, avoiding data loss. You can even find old versions of the files! On the contrary, the software lets program exceptions of files, folders or extensions that should not be synchronized. The minimum disk space to keep when uploading files and the cache size on disk are customizable, as is the cache location.

There is also a wide variety of collaboration options, whether with other pCloud customers or users who do not use the platform: link sharing, invitation on file, solicitation of archives, the service supports all these functions. pCloud goes even further by providing detailed statistics for links and offering to customize sharing links.

pCloud is also a multimedia experience that eliminates the need for third-party software and unifies its experience within a single interface thanks to an integrated video player and audio player. The platform is also compatible with video streaming and offers an overview of online documents.


Data security as a strong argument

pCloud is headquartered in Switzerland and the service adheres to strict Swiss privacy laws. Its servers are based in Luxembourg, within the European Union. pCloud also complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is dedicated to securing its customers’ data and keeping it private.

For individuals or professionals who want to store sensitive information, pCloud has a pCloud Crypto option with client-side encryption to add an extra layer of security. The number and size of files protected by pCloud Crypto are unlimited.

pCloud backup

relies on TLS/SSL channel protection as well as inviolable 256-bit AES server encryption. And you do not risk losing your data: at least 3 copies of the files are created on different servers to ensure that the user retains and can always access his files, even in the event of a problem with a server.

10 GB of free storage

To try pCloud, all you need to do is create an account for free. You then automatically get 2 GB of cloud storage to use, which you can increase up to 10 GB as soon as you perform certain actions on your account (download a folder, the pCloud Drive application and the mobile application, activate the automatic download, check your email and invite friends to test the service). As a reminder, a Dropbox is content to offer 2 GB to its free users.

This is a great way to see if the platform is right for us and possibly upgrade to a paid plan if you need more space or additional options.

put in particular on single payment formulas, that is to say that you pay only once for a lifetime use. This allows for very substantial savings in the long term. For those who prefer, an annual subscription is also available.

  • pCloud Premium 500 GB: 175 euros for life or 49.99 euros per year.
  • pCloud Premium Plus 2 TB: 350 euros for life or 99.99 euros per year.
  • pCloud 2 TB Family Account: 500 euros for life. Up to five users, each with their own personal and secure space.

This article was written in partnership with pCloud.

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