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This article is a sponsored publication offered by Mon Petit Placement.

Mon Petit Placement was born from a simple observation: it is very difficult for small savers to invest their savings. The Lyon fintech, determined to break the rules, has therefore created an interface allowing anyone to invest easily, without having to be an expert and from € 300.

An innovative and easy-to-use service

While the livret A does not bring in much, Mon Petit Placement offers an offer that is both simple and innovative. With this solution, investing your money does not require going through a bank. A good first point, given that branch opening hours are limited and physical appointments often extend! You can therefore manage your investments whenever you want, in the evening after work or on weekends for example. And no need to travel, everything happens online, a significant time saver.

One of the strengths of the platform is precisely its operation adapted to the constraints and needs of its users with a course designed to be as intuitive as possible. Mon Petit Placement thus puts technology at the service of the user experience to make our lives easier. All you have to do is go to the site, click on the “I’m starting” button and complete a short form to get started.

This done, Mon Petit Placement will offer you an investment suited to your situation. You can then receive a personalized advice video, or even choose the option of a call with a member of the team so that you can interact with your interlocutor and ask them questions. A procedure which is free and does not commit you to anything, you remain in control of deciding if you wish to go further thereafter. If in doubt, it is still possible to call or go through the chat at any time, customer service is very responsive.

Top-of-the-range placement for everyone

The platform is of course secure, and personal and banking data are protected. Investments can be followed from the dashboard, which offers a clear overview of the situation in real time.

It is possible to recover your money at any time and at no cost if necessary. Note that the remuneration model is particularly innovative and attractive: My Small Placement is only remunerated if your investment is performing well, and only on the gains made. A real win-win combo where fintech aligns its interests with those of its users!

This model is a guarantee of confidence since the platform therefore has every interest in offering you high-performance investments. Mon Petit Placement also gives you access to high-end financial products normally reserved for the wealthy, such as JP Morgan, Pictet or Lazard and this is where another attraction of the service lies: it is a focuses on efficient investment portfolios. And here, you don’t have to be rich to benefit from it, it is possible to start from 300 euros.

Why choose Mon Petit Placement?

Mon Petit Placement is a good alternative to wake up your sleeping savings and simply put your savings to work, whether you are a novice or more initiated. The financial products offered are efficient and aim for more attractive profitability than those offered by a simple Livret A or by traditional offers from traditional banks. Above all, the service is very easy to use, 100% online, which makes it accessible to everyone, even to small savers who only have a limited budget to invest.

And we offer you a good plan to get you started: by informing the code PHON30 when registering, you can take advantage of a 30% reduction on performance fees.


This article is a sponsored publication offered by Mon Petit Placement.

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