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So you wanted to enjoy a game, but you didn’t want to shell out that money. The most common way to resolve this situation may be to browse the internet and find a pirated version of the title, but there are many risks involving pirate games that people are unaware of. Know some potential issues.

Know the risks of using pirated games (Image: Unsplash / Glenn Carstens-Peters)

The fact that it is an illegal practice is clear to everyone. Piracy is a crime and is provided for in article 184 of the Penal Code, with a penalty of up to four years in prison, in addition to the payment of a fine. For the person who buys a pirated product aware of this, article 180 of the Penal Code can punish with one year of imprisonment, in addition to a fine.

There are other risks of resorting to pirated games as we will see below.

1. The cruel malware

Malware because of pirated games
Malware can mess up your system (Image: Unsplash / Michael Geiger)

When downloading games directly through official channels, it is common to believe that you will receive exactly what you purchased. On the other hand, when downloading pirated games from unknown and unofficial websites, there is a huge chance of getting a little more than you’d like.

O malware it may be with the file you downloaded, which could pose a serious risk to your computer or any other device. This type of software is specifically made with the intention of causing harm to the user’s machine. It can destroy data, corrupt files and even steal important information such as email accounts or bank details.

There are many chances that when downloading a pirated game, the user will end up with an extremely nasty virus. Remembering that on sites where this type of content exists, there are always redirect or similar links that can add extensions or other types of malware on your PC or device. Is it worth the risk?

2. The game may not work

Many developers end up adding different and creative ways to spoil the pirates on duty. Games that are pirated can offer unpleasant experiences such as impossible levels to pass, messages to criminals and even forced crashes during game moments.

the independent game Game Dev Tycoon 2012 is a beautiful example of this type of defense. The work is a game creation simulator in which the player needs to develop and sell his works. Greenheart Games and Rarebyte studios have released a version of bait for digital pirates on the internet.

In this pirated version, the player’s fictional studio is taken over by pirates who steal their games, preventing them from selling and making a profit. People who acquired this version of the work rushed to the forums to complain, incriminating themselves in the end.

There are several other examples that shame those who steal products and end up not even being able to enjoy the pirate game.

3. Updates can disrupt your life

PC with pirated games
Pirate games can bring authentication problems (Image: Unsplash / Markus Spiske)

On both consoles and PCs, firmware updates are frequent. If you’re using a system like a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or similar, a pirated game can spoil a lot more of your party than it looks.

Companies are always looking for ways to stop piracy. One of them is to block or even ban the user’s account, for example. In this way, online gambling would be permanently banned, ruining one of the most common modern experiences.

There are even situations where the system ends up crashing. The call brick it can often occur because of the pirated game itself or because of a defense mechanism put in place by the company that owns the console. Whatever the reason, this is a risk that is always being updated.

How to escape from pirate games

The truth is, there are better ways to enjoy that game that’s been on your personal list for a long time. There are alternatives to ensure that your wallet doesn’t suffer so much or that your system, console or PC, remains in the most perfect condition.

  • Official stores: If you like to have physical media in your collection, there’s nothing better than looking for the best prices in official stores. Thus, the guarantee of having the product in the best possible condition is something present in acquisitions;
  • Discounts: From time to time, official stores offer discounts that can approach 90%. Paying attention to this is an interesting practice and can save you a lot of money out of your pocket;
  • Signatures: There are several types of subscriptions that offer games of different qualities. O Game Pass from Microsoft allows the user to download and play as many titles as they want from its catalog, for example. Usually, the cost for this type of service is cheaper than buying pirated games on a monthly basis.
Game Pass
The Game Pass is a monthly subscription with a large catalog (Image: Publicity)

By resorting to pirated games, the user can not only bring various risks to your machine, but also end up hurting the work of developers who invested time in developing the title. The risks go beyond PC or console integrity, but they also attack personal integrity.

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