The PS5 does not start anymore, Apple would drop the Lightning, Disney + and the adults, the recap of the week

The biggest bug to date of the PS5 causes it to turn off immediately after its power-up, Disney + could integrate Rated R content on its platform, the iPhone 13 may not have a Lightning port… Welcome to the recap of the week!

recap of the week

Between the sudden shortage and the many bugs reported, the news has been very busy for the PS5 since its release. Between this FNAC customer who complains, frustrated at not being able to pick up his order, and an incredible bug that actually prevents it from turning on, the console continues to be talked about a week after its launch. Things are also moving on the smartphone side: Huawei is about to say goodbye to Kirin processors because of the US embargo, while Apple could begin the transition to single Magsafe charging. Meanwhile, Disney + is reportedly considering integrating adult content on its platform.

He was unable to remove his PS5, he files a complaint against FNAC

I did not make any mistakes and I find myself sanctioned ”. The disappointment is great for Joris, 28-year-old Toulouse, when he is told at the FNAC counter thathe will not be able to leave with his PS5 as expected. Indeed, employees explain to him that he is one of the five unlucky ones whose console has simply disappeared from stocks of the shop. Never mind, Joris decides to approach his lawyer to clarify this matter, who advises him to send a formal notice to the French group. In response, FNAC stated that, “ before coming to the store, the customer was informed by email of the non-availability of the product and received a € 50 gift voucher in compensation for the inconvenience caused. However, the customer went to the store and the store teams were unable to return the product. ” The group claims that Joris will receive his PS5 in early December. Indeed, Sony has announced that stock will be available before Christmas.

Sony PS5

PS5s turn off immediately after switching on

This week, many PS5 bugs were reported by users around the world. Perhaps the most important is the one that simply prevents the console from turning on. Even worse : no solution exists right now. Indeed, if the other problems encountered, such as the discs which spin when not played or Spider-Man Morales which is uninstalled automatically, are generally resolved thanks to a firmware update, this is a question of ” a more complex problem that requires a return of the console to the manufacturer. Sony, having yet to find the source of the malfunction, promises to return a PS5 within 3 days to the players concerned. In total they would be Several dozens in that case.

Sony PS5

Trailer announces the arrival of adult content on Disney +

Kingsman, Deadpool, Logan … All these films could land on Disney + as soon as April 2021. A trailer leaked on Reddit shows clips of several films and series owned by the entertainment giant, but not yet present on the platform. In question, their rating ” Rated R“, Not really in line with the family editorial line of the streaming service. However, it seems that this is about to change, with the arrival of the category ” Disney18 + Announced in the trailer. With the latter, Disney + could attract a new wave of users, having already reached 73 million subscribers a year after its launch. We also find in this trailer ABC series like Modern Family or Good doctor alongside the big blockbusters. Finally the next one Black widow, the release of which was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, would be available from April 26 with premium access, like Mulan when it was released in the United States.

leaked disney trailer 18+

The Huawei P50 is doomed to bury the Kirin processor

The United States embargo has yet to get the better of Huawei. The P50, its next smartphone, is scheduled for next year. Until now, the Chinese manufacturer has worked alongside TSMC, the company that produces its Kirin processors. However, the latter succumbed to pressure from the US government and broke the partnership. Huawei will therefore have to be satisfied with its remaining stocks, in theory sufficiently supplied to equip its next flagships. It will therefore be the latest smartphone of the firm powered by this processor. The United States having authorized Qualcomm to sell chips to the Chinese group, the latter will probably fall back on this backup solution. According to reports, the Huawei P50 will also be equipped with a OLED display.

Huawei p40 pro

IPhone 13 probably won’t have a Lightning port

Present on all Apple smartphones since the iPhone 5, the Lightning port could well disappear next year. Instead, Apple would bet everything on wireless charging technology MagSafe, appeared with iPhones 12. The information comes from renowned leaker Jon Presser, who had already announced the end of Lightning last May. According to him, one of four iPhones 13 to come will only be compatible with Magsafe, which allows 2x faster recharging. While the announcement fits quite well with Apple’s stated ambitions, it should nevertheless be taken with a grain of salt. Jon Presser has indeed been wrong on several occasions over the past few months.

iPhone 12 mini Magsafe

Our tests of the week

The best Apple smartphone to date and the latest Huawei connected watch passed into the hands of our testers this week. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Cupertino film has probably released the best iPhone for photo and video. Again, the phone stands out for its impeccable design, while its performance and autonomy are more than satisfactory. However, the brand may have seen too big when it comes to the size of the phone, cannot be used with one hand. In addition, at the cost of (all the same) € 1,259, € 1,379 or € 1,609 depending on the storage capacity, we regret theno fast charger, by the way, not that fast in the box. As for Huawei, the company is doing quite well with its Watch GT 2 Pro, whoseremarkable autonomy and theAMOLED display enhance performance. Besides theno blind for its applications, the watch mainly loses points because of limitations of its operating systemnot. It is available at a price of € 299.

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