The PS5 at 49 € is back with SFR Fiber, quickly!

SFR signs the return of its offer which allows you to buy a cheap PS5. Offered with the Fiber subscription, the digital version of the console costs only € 49. The standard version that includes the Blu-Ray player is displayed at 149 €. All with not one but two DualSense controllers.

The cheap PS5 back in stock at SFR

It was at the end of August that SFR launched a Fiber offer with a PS5 included. In the process, the operator had again offered his special operation at the end of September. For the third time therefore, SFR is once again offering the PlayStation 5 with its Fiber offer. In view of the out of stock that affects the Sony console, it is a godsend for people who have not yet managed to get their hands on it.

The conditions do not change and you must always subscribe to a SFR Fiber internet subscription to be able to buy the PS5 at a preferential rate. The operator in the red square offers the Sony console in both a Standard version including the Blu-Ray player and a Digital version which does not. Rather interesting therefore, especially for people who do not have the means to pay the full price of the PS5 then it is possible for them via this good plan to buy the PS5 in 24 monthly installments.

As we told you previously, these are the same formulas that we find, namely:

  • The PS5 digital version + two controllers from € 49 + € 8 per month for 24 months (or € 241)
  • The standard PS5, equipped with the Blu-Ray player from € 149 + € 8 per month for 24 months (or € 341)

The SFR Fiber internet subscription at € 32 per month for 1 year then € 53 per month for 1 year which is offered. An offer that at first glance may seem interesting. At first glance, since it is subject to a 24 month commitment. A compromise to be made and which will be able to cool more than one. However, this SFR Fiber + console offer from Sony allows you to buy the PS5 at a preferential rate. Indeed, after having made the calculations, on two versions of the console, the offer proposed by SFR allows to save 158 €. But also to see the console delivered not with one but two DualSense controllers.

To take advantage of the offer, it could not be simpler: first, you must select the version of your PS5. Then, choose the payment terms, the desired Box offer. Finally, all you have to do is finalize your order online. Once these steps have been completed, your line will then be activated when connecting your Box and the amount of the console and / or the monthly payment will be deducted from your next bill. The PS5 will then be delivered to your home after an appointment made in advance with the carrier.

An offer worth it?

After having done the calculations (at the end of the 24 months of commitment), this gives a total of 1,261 € (1020 € for the subscription + 241 € for the PS5 digital edition + 2 controllers) or 1361 € (1020 € for the subscription + € 341 for the PS5 standard edition + 2 controllers) without counting the service opening and termination fees which amount to € 49 each. Considering the shortage that has hit Sony’s console since its launch, it may be worth it, provided the 24-month commitment is not a constraint for you.

Regarding the services included in the SFR Fiber subscription, the operator ensures that the download speeds reach speeds of up to 1 Gb / s and 500 Mb/s and upload. In addition to having an ultra-fast internet connection that will allow you to download your games at lightning speed, the offer also includes landline telephony – with unlimited calls, to both landlines and mobiles.

Finally, the TV service is also part of the game and will allow you to benefit from a package including no less than 200 channels. Rather interesting therefore, especially the first year billed 32 € per month. Then, the 53 euros requested monthly beyond could cool more than one.

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