The personal information of the French sold, the private world of the Internet in 2023, the recap ‘of the week

Millions of French data hacked, an Internet apocalypse could take place by 2023, Windows 10 informs you about the compatibility of your PC with Windows 11, this is the recap of the week!

In this back-to-school period, tech news is rather busy. Between this pirate database which contains the detailed information of more than half of the French, the release date of Windows 11 or the announcement of a probable interruption of the Internet at the global level in 2023, there is something to do. Here is our selection of the news that challenged us, made us shudder or have delighted us in recent days. Come on, on the way to the recap of the news of the week!

A hacker sells the personal information of 39 million French people

If the resale of hacked data has now become commonplace on the Web, the one that the Zataz site has just discovered is a great first. On the Dark Web, a hacker recently put up for sale the data of more than half of the French population. This gigantic database contains the names, first names, postal addresses and telephone numbers of 39 million French people. Nothing you can’t find on a site like PagesBlanches, you might say? Except that this same database also contains e-mail addresses of victims. And to convince of the authenticity of the data he sells, the hacker offers a free sample of 100,000 person data.

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Windows 10 informs you about the compatibility of your PC with Windows 11

October 5, 2021 will be released Windows 11 in its final edition (the operating system is currently in beta testing). So there is just a month to go. In the meantime, Microsoft is starting to inform users about the compatibility of their hardware configuration with the new OS. The publisher backtracked by offering users to test the operating system via an installation using a ISO file, even with a machine that does not meet all the criteria. Nevertheless, he tightens the bolts with the beta testers, who are now reset in the event of a hardware incompatibility. You wish to know if your computer will be able to accommodate Windows 11 in due time? No problem, we explain the two methods offered by Microsoft in our article linked below.

Windows 11 compatibility check

New World Brings GeForce RTX 3090s, But We Know Why

Last July, several players faced a major problem with New World : the game from Amazon Games literally bricked their graphics card yet latest. The GeForce RTX 3090, the most expensive card at the moment, was brought to its knees by the game still in the beta test phase. While the manufacturer EVGA had made a commitment to replace damaged graphics cards, the cause of the problem remained a big mystery for the time being. EVGA investigated by X-raying its graphics cards and found that they all suffered from the same problem. The sopenings at MOSFET transistors had been done poorly.

New World

Canal + offers are changing, we take stock of the why and how

If the different offers of Canal + have never been very clear, the broadcaster tries to make them simpler and more understandable. He thus goes from five to three formulas uniquely. Thus, there is now only a standard subscription (which includes Canal +, Canal + Series, Canal + Docs, Canal + Kids and Canal + Décalé), a Canal + Ciné Séries subscription (with Canal + Cinema, Cine +, but also Disney +, Netflix, OCS and Starzplay) and one called Canal + Sport (with Canal + Sport, Bein Sports and Eurosport). To find your way around the new price list, which increases in passing compared to the previous one, we take stock of the various possible subscriptions to Canal +, their prices, their advantages and their availability date.

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Credits: Pixabay

Part of the world could be cut off from the internet due to a solar storm

A computer science professor at the University of California estimates that a solar storm could trigger a Internet “apocalypse”. A solar flare could damage the submarine cables essential to telecommunications between the continents. Today, more than 1.2 million kilometers of fiber optic cables are installed in the oceans. A solar storm would have the effect of disrupt the operation of submarine cables. If the researcher behind this discovery admits that there is still a lack of data to really estimate the risks, other scientists are of the same opinion.

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Google Maps helps unravel a 20-year-old mystery

A man who disappeared in 1997 was found thanks to Google Maps 22 years later. When leaving a bar in Latana, Florida, William Moldt called his girlfriend to warn her that he was coming home. Unfortunately, he never made it to his destination and his body had never been found since. Until a Wellington resident noticed a yellow spot on a Google Earth satellite photo. This story, which hit the headlines in 2019, resurfaces today on the Web. Why ? Because new evidence shows that his body was already present in satellite photos from 2007.

google maps body found

Our test of the week

Available since August 27, 2021, the Galaxy watch4 brings a whole lot of interesting novelties. The most important undoubtedly concerns its OS: the connected watch now runs on Wear OS 3 and the One UI 3.0 overlay. Samsung therefore says goodbye to Tizen, its in-house operating system. The watch also has a new “bioactive sensor” module, which integrates an optical heart rate monitor, electrodes for the ECG and a bio-impedance sensor. In short, the watch could almost replace a connected scale. We’ve tested the Galaxy Watch4 from every angle and in multiple conditions, and we tell you everything there is to know about it.

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