The organizer of the Walk for Life claims that autism is caused by worms, and she is also being tried for theft

“RAPED women who want to have an abortion are murderers for me. A rapist is a person who has committed a crime, a mother who has had an abortion is a person who has put herself in the position of a murderer because she has taken someone’s life. One crime should not end in another crime. I am aware of what I am saying. I have given you clear answers that I will not hide behind, “said Barbara Brezac Benigar, one of the organizers of the Rijeka Walk for Life, in front of the cameras of N1 Television.

Who is she?

Barbara Brezac Benigar is the former head of the Autism Center in Rijeka, accused of embezzling transportation fees and sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for one year.

In the explanation of Judge Sandra Juranović from 2015, Brezac Benigar, who introduces herself as an art and neurofeedback therapist and rehabilitation professor, was convicted, as Novi list wrote, because she “illegally kept the money that was officially entrusted to her”. is on compensation for monthly travel expenses in the amount of HRK 4,048 to the parents of one ward of the institution from whose head she was removed. In 2012, the Center’s board of directors removed her from the position of headmistress because her brother had been transporting autistic children in an official vehicle for a long time, although the police had revoked his driver’s license. As for the mentioned non-final verdict, according to Telegram, it was revoked by the higher court and returned to the first instance court for a new trial, which is currently in progress.

He thinks autism is caused by worms and parasites

In addition to financial fraud, Brezac Benigar is known to the public as a promoter of the MMS / CD protocol, a crazy way to treat autism spread around the world by American Kerri Riviera, and medical organizations, including the Croatian Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (HALMED) and the Croatian Association for autism, they reject.

According to this “science”, autism is caused by worms and various other parasites, so children are treated by giving them high concentrations of sodium chloride to get everything toxic out of the body. The protocol includes the MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) product, which contains 28% sodium chloride and citric acid, and is given to children as drops in a liquid or as an enema. Some parents fall for these scams expecting a miraculous cure, and they are not prevented from doing so by severe side effects in children such as vomiting, stomach pain and bloody stools whose pictures they boast about because they believe that parasites come out of their children.

Brezac Benigar a couple of years ago for Index: Fulali ste temu

When we first wrote about the topic we called Brezac Benigar for comment. We were also interested in how she combines the fact that, as she stated during the presentation of the Walk for Life initiative in Rijeka, she wants to “spread the word that life is a gift” with her commitment to making life bitter for children with autism.

We didn’t even introduce ourselves honestly, and Brezac Benigar interrupted us: “What media are you writing for? Introduce yourself a little. ” After we answered and asked the mentioned questions, we got the following answer: “Madam, do you call me privately or as an organization of the Walk for Life? You messed up the topic. You ask me some personal questions. Madam, Walk for Life theme, Walk for Life theme “, Brezac Benigar, one of the organizers of the Walk for Life, an initiative that subtly says under the guise of celebrating life that it begins with conception and thus contributes to creating a hostile atmosphere, ended the conversation nervously. towards abortion as a woman’s choice to decide on her own body.

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